Let's support the education of Ha Giang children

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Let's support the education of Ha Giang children

Jun 04 2020

With great pleasure GTV wishes to communicate a new activity that will develop in the coming months in support of children of the province of Ha Giang.

Ha Giang currently hosts 40 of the children supported by the Child Sponsorship Programme. It is a province located in the far northern Vietnam and one of the poorest in the country, whose inhabitants belong to different ethnic minorities. This province was among the areas of Vietnam where the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 lasted more, but in the coming weeks the children are expected to return to school.

The fundamental objective of the Child Sponsorship programme is to ensure continuous and quality education for the children who often are forced to leave school because of economic poverty. At the same time, GTV aims to ensure that the facilities where these children attend classes are safe buildings, with toilets and where they can eat a meal as nutritious as possible.

Unfortunately, many of the sponsored children attend schools in precarious facilities, sometimes heavily damaged by violent weather events, very often without toilets and where the only meal of the day consists of a rice dish.

GTV, with its the community approach, is engaged in dialogue with local institutions, teachers and parents and has identified some renovations and expansion of school buildings, to be carried out in the coming months. This will be made possible thanks to some funds set aside by the Child Sponsorship Programme, which are mainly generated during the extension phase of the programme from Son Dong to the province of Ha Giang.

There are 4 schools on which GTV will intervene, attended in total by about 165 pupils and belonging to 3 different villages in the district of Xin Man, Ha Giang province:


Sanitary facilities for Chung Trai kindergarten and primary school (Coc Pai municipality)

The kindergarten and primary school are attended by about 90 students in total. GTV has recently built a kitchen room (visible at the bottom of the photo), but students and teachers are still without a bathroom, with serious consequences for their sanitary and health conditions. This intervention will also be possible thanks to the PROJECT of GTV "Water for All", through which the aqueduct that brings running water to the village was built




A kitchen for Na Pan Kindergarten (Coc Pai municipality)

The school is attended by 35 children under the age of 6,  
who eat lunch daily at school, nutritionally and quantitatively very reduced due to the few public funds intended, especially rice. Meals are prepared in a precarious and unhygienic environment (photo). In addition, we will start a participatory path with parents to improve the nutritional value of the meals offered by the school.





Renovation and bathroom for Na Hu Elementary School (Ta Nhiu municipality)


The school, attended by 40 pupils, was built in 1999,  
but its structure is already very much damaged and the last violent storm that hit the area, in April 2020, made the situation much worse, uncovered the building and made the structure unusable. GTV aims to restore the structure as soon as possible and build toilets that are not yet present.






The progresses of these interventions will be communicated on our website: GTV employees in Vietnam will monitor the work in progress, collecting photos of the buildings and testimonies of teachers and students. 
To learn more about our Child Sponsorship Programme, visit the section of our website!

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