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GTV (Gruppo Trentino di Volontariato – Voulonteers Group Trentino) is an NGO which deals with cooperation and international solidariety.

Formally constituted in Trento in 1999, was created to continue and complement initiatives for neonatal healthcare in Vietnam activated the previous year by ANT (Amici della Neonatologia Trentina - Friends of Neonatology Trentino). GTV was created to assist ANT and to ensure an integrated approach that support population, also in areas other than health.

After more than a decade of enthusiasm and projects, has expanded its operations in many areas related to the development of communities and has expanded its operations to other countries in Southeast Asia: East Timor, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Laos.

Operation of GTV was followed by the formal recognition, for which the Association is officially recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an NGO (Non Governmental Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) - pursuant to Law 26.02.1987 n. 49, and is also a ONLUS (non-profit organization of social utility) - according to D. 4.12.1997 Decree n. 460. It is also registered in the list of legal entities of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

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Sede di Trento

  • Via S. Sighele 3
    38122 Trento, Italia

Sede di Hanoi

  • N. 20, Alley 34/1, Au Co Street
    Tay Ho - Hanoi


  • Tel - Fax 0461 91 73 95
  • info@gtvonline.org
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