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Jun 04 2020

In January, two days were dedicated to the awareness of good hygiene and water use in the villages of Sung Sang and Chung Trai. The activities are part of GTV's larger "Water for All" project, which began in 2019, to expand the aqueduct and allow the most remote villages to access the most valuable resource, the water in The Province of Ha Giang in northern Vietnam..

The GTV staff was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the local population. Among the activities carried out, there were laughter and moments of comedy because the goal of the campaign was precisely to make the information accessible to everyone and offer a participatory moment of sharing and community.

acqua igiene karaoke 1

The activities are aimed at adults and children. With the support of explanatory posters and experienced staff, the correct daily hygiene practices and methods for the conscious and thrifty use of water have been explained. It is important to highlight the bad practices to avoid, that undermine the health of each individual and find out with which to replace them. Each participant was given the illustration material and a soap kit. To animate the day was organized a music and theater challenge between the villages of Sung Sang and Chung Trai and a competition of drawings among the little ones in schools, always centered on water and hygiene. Among the performances of the day were the wonderful colors of the precious customs of different ethnic minorities, all represented for the occasion. As every day of celebration came then the time for karaoke, favorite free time activity of all Vietnamese. In total, 250 adults and children were involved.

For the inhabitants of the two villages, this was not only an opportunity for learning, but a real special event that interrupted for two days the hard work of the camps and gathered two communities in an atmosphere of celebration and joy. Thanks to this experience, we hope that all the communities involved will be able to enjoy the benefits of the renovation of the aqueduct.

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