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Eastern's diaries

Hoa the curer

August 08 2017
Hoa is born in Tuan Dao village, in the North East of Vietnam. The village is located near a big forest, know everywhere for its biodiversity. Hoa have 7 sisters and 3 brthers, and they belong to Dao ethnic group. Her mother and her grandmother are curers and as a woman, Hoa inherited all their skills and knowledge. Curers doesn’t…
Every minute in the world 141 children come into the world, with about 200,000 childbirth per day. World population has already reach 7.460 bilion people, every one different and unique, with his own history. Only one thing is sure when we born: no one can decide where and how. Life is a lottery, and being born in a country or…
Being born to the love and care of parents and family is the first kind of happiness which any babies deserve to have. Sadly it was not the case for Lanh Thi Thu Hien on her first day breathing in the air through her lungs. That was the day her mother gave up on Hien and she was sent to…

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