Updates on "Water For All" project

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Updates on "Water For All" project

Jun 03 2020

GTV is happy to report the latest updates of the Water for All project, directly from the villages of Chung Chai and Sung Sang, in northern Vietnam (Ha Giang Province).

The Project

IThe lack of a water source forced the inhabitants of Chung Chai and Sung Sang, located in one of the most remote areas of Northern Vietnam, to collect rainwater during the summer season and to carry it by hand from the nearest town during the dry season. Thus, the lack of water had a strong impact on the quality of the population life and, above all, on its sanitation conditions. The "Water for All" project aimed, to ensure access to water for 84 families and the school of the village of Chung Chai, thanks to the extension of the aqueduct that previously, starting from Sung Sang, reached only one of the neighboring villages. In addition, the GTV project also aimed to establish and form a Management Committee, which will maintain the infrastructure efficient, even after the project is completed, will propose training activities to increase the sanitation of the population, and analyze the water offered to the inhabitants.

The latest goals achieved

After completing the work on the aqueduct in February 2020, and the awareness events on the correct hygiene practices, in May 2020, other activities were carried out. The last meeting, which took place on 13 May 2020, concluded the training of the Aqueduct Management Committee. On this day, the Committee was provided with all technical tools and knowledge for autonomous aqueduct management and maintenance. The long-term administration of the project, i.e. the tasks of each member of the Committee, finance management, and the relationship to be maintained between the two villages that share water, were also clarified. According to the final agreement, each of the two villages will be responsible for collecting the bills that will be required from the inhabitants on a monthly basis, small indispensable amounts to ensure the economic sustainability of the project and cover the electrical expenses of the aqueduct pumps. These shares will then join in a mutual fund managed by an accountant. The first formation of the Management Committee was held on 30 October 2019, when the communities of the two involved villages had met and had appointed the main management figures of the project, clearly, transparently and participatorily defining the roles for each member of the Committee. GTV and the local authorities will remain in contact with this body in the months ahead of the end of the project. In particular, local authorities have committed themselves to support communities to maintain and repair the system in the event of major damage to the infrastructure in the future. 

In addition, after the completion of the aqueduct in February 2020, three water samples were collected: one from an old water collection tank, one from the reservoir directly connected to the main pipe, and one from a new tank of one of the beneficiary families. These samples were sent to the "Ha Giang Centre for Disease Control" and were analyzed according to the 24 criteria established for the verification of drinking water, normally used in rural areas of Vietnam. The results, obtained the following week, showed that the first sample taken from the old tank is not as good as the other two. According to the analyses, the water of the new tank and that of the families is optimal. The results were archived and communicated to local authorities and beneficiaries during public meetings. In the coming weeks, new analyses will be carried out on three different samples to be sure of water quality and give any advice on how to best preserve it without risk in private tanks.

Towards the conclusion of the project

After these latest activities, the "Water for All" project is coming to the end.
 GTV will continue to commit itself, with other projects and in other communities, to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
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