Delivered the first medical plants!

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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 11:03

Delivered the first medical plants!

In the early days of April, we begun the distribution of medicinal plants in the municipalities involved in the PRO.SOS project.
The PRO.SOS project - Sustainable production of medicinal plants in the District of Son Dong, wants to protect the heritage of biodiversity contained in the Khe Ro forest and at the same time improve the economic conditions of the families living near the forest by involving them in the production, on their own land, of the medicinal plants they used to collect in the forest.

It's a very ambitious project that aims to actively involve the institutional actors and the authority responsible for the management of the forest. In fact, in this first year of the project, we focus on carry out further research on what herbs to plant and cultivate and create contacts with pharmaceutical companies which will purchase the products directly from the families.
At the same time, our staff has been working to train rangers and the personnel who'll take care of spread these concepts, such as environmental protection and the protection of biodiversity, in the communities.

"This week, on Monday and Tuesday, we have delivered the plans to the families of Tuan Mau. From today, April 8, we'll begin in Tuan Dao, we'll stay five days here because we've thousands of seedlings to deliver. The last one it'll be the town of An Ba" says Luca Penasa, the project's manager.

Mainly, the seedlings delivered are: Dinh Lang (Ming Aralia used as a digestive); Nhân Trần (Adenosma caerulea used for liver inflammation); Khoi tía (Ardisia gigantifolia used to treat stomachaches); Kim Tiền Thao (Desmodium styracifolium used as a diuretic); Ba Kich (Morinda officinalis used for joint pain).

And now that the seedlings are delivered, what happens?
As forthcoming actions we expect an ongoing monitoring of the various productions and the training of the producers. During this time the trainer will go visiting each family every month to check the work and explain directly how to take care and cure the plants as well as how to prevent diseases.
The project is in its middle stage and we'll need to carefully monitor and manage all the steps to ensure its success. Meanwhile, however, we take home with great satisfaction the excitement on the faces of the families who have already received the seedlings.

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