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Wednesday, 01 July 2015 11:06

News for Community for all!

Conducted the first specific training courses on assistance prenatal and early detection of disabilities for the local operators!

The project Community for all! has, among others, the ambitious goal of helping reduce the rate of children born with disabilities and congenital birth defects. To accomplishment this, GTV, together with our local partners and with the supervision and advice of a Italian obstetrician with many years of experience at the Hospital Santa Chiara of Trento, has recently organized a training course for the medical staff in the Health District of Son Dong.

The Son Dong district it's still among the 69 poorest districts of the whole country, where because of the lack of knowledge of doctors and health workers and the serious limits given by the transportation, many women still don't have adequate access to proper care during pregnancy and after giving birth, nor the children have access to care and pediatric check ups. The most worrying fact is the lack of qualified midwives and gynecologists at the various municipal Health Centers, where also there's almost no equipment to perform even the most basic blood tests such as HIV test and RH. Even at the Hospital of the chief town, An Chau, it's not possible to undertake these basic tests.

Another factor noted is the ineffective organization that doesn't allow the different structures (the Health Centers and the Hospital District of An Chau) to communicate with each other and keep up a shared database of the pregnant women conditions during the pregnancy stages and after labor. In this context, it is very difficult to detect any malformation of the fetus or congenital disability, and this may result in a higher number of children with disabilities.

But the project also aims on forming the obstetrician staff.
The training started last month with 2 courses for improving health care in this field with an overall participation of 60 local operators. For many of them this was the first time attending a general training, the courses were focusing on the entire pregnancy management and the prevention of congenital disability.

The courses have achieved a huge success in terms of new knowledge gained by participants, the progress could be see through tests pre and post course. Also, we noticed an improvement of the participants technical skills, for example before the course only 34% of them knew that environmental factors, such as smoking and alcohol, can cause birth defects, but in the final test 100% of the participants responded correctly to the relevant question. These data lead us to conclude that the participants have been able to seize this important opportunity to increase their skills and develop a greater awareness of the importance of prenatal monitoring.

The teaching methods, used for stimulating the participation and the critical sense of the participants, revolved around group work and presentations.
The midwife Hoang Thi Ai reported that "until then I had never taken active part in a debate, and despite my initial shyness, thanks to the encouragement of the trainers, I participated in the group's enthusiasm, challenged myself and increase my skills".
Given this first course success, the next step will be to carry out 9 new training courses held by the participants which will be held in late June and early July, and will involve 190 local health workers. Overall, the most relevant and meaningful fact is the enthusiasm of the first beneficiaries of the project, the midwife Hoang Thi Ai told us "the hope is that the work of GTV may, in the long term, be a bridge between us and advanced trainers to update increasingly our knowledge."

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