Final meeting - May 8th, 2021 of the photography course by Alberto Prina

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Final meeting - May 8th, 2021 of the photography course by Alberto Prina

May 13 2021

Only theories cannot make a true photographer! With that aim, we have concluded the previous five theoretical photographic meetings by a field trip to farms that are part of the Feeding Trento network. During the trip, participants can get a glimpse of various local realities reflecting sustainability issues and enjoy homemade products while practicing their photography skills.

Morning trip

The trip was divided into two parts. In the morning, we gathered at 9:00 at Piazza Dante to take photos at the farmers' market. Before we start, Alberto Prina shared some further advice regarding how to capture not only static objects but also moving people and vehicles. 

The girls were shy at first trying to ask farmers' for some pictures but their effort eventually paid off with wonderful shots!

The credit goes to Maria Biondo

By 10:00, we take the bus to Martignano to visit the Maso Martis Vinefarm and Winery, at the foot of Monte Calisio. Our team came here on a sunny day with the light breeze and captivating scenery. The mountainous terrain that has been cultivated since the end of the 19th century is tailor-made for the grapes to flourish.

As soon as we arrived, we were warmly greeted by the owners' daughter - Alessandra, who professionally illustrated their work and the history of their products.

Later, she gave us a welcomely guided tour inside the cellar with a detailed explanation of the company and the production process. Maso Martis is featured with a vintage, fascinating remodeled entrance and classic designed furniture both internal and external.

The journey continued with the vineyard and wine-tasting. She introduced us to some of their products and the properties of the individual wines. The best part was tasting a glass of wine outside on a beautiful terrace!

Reluctantly, we concluded our trip with a short walk around the vineyard and to the apiary (so-called a bee yard) before leaving. Worth noting is that the owners always try to create a pleasant familiarity for all visitors. The location is blessed with panoramic points with a magnificent view of Trento and a large part of the Trento basin. The maison, combined with its stunning view, elegant drink, and homely atmosphere, is ideal for one who wishes to experience mountain and peasant life.

Afternoon trip

We stopped at a nearby park for lunch before moving to Civezzano by car for the afternoon activities.
For the second part of the journey, at 14:30, we began by walking along the path of the villages of Civezzano towards Seregnano. Besides the sightseeing, we also made firm compliance with the health protocol provided by GTV.

We reached Maso Al Sole at around 16:00. Maso Al Sole, 16 km from Levico Terme, is an organic farm in Civezzano looking down into the fascinating Valsugana Valley. Stefania and her husband, which are the hosts of the place, along with their daughter Sara gave us a grasp of the overall structure. 

The farm functions with the method of organic farming and free-range hens raising. They also produce vegetables, mixed fruit, and corn. The farmhouse consists of 4 rooms for a total of 9 beds, with cots for children. We were served with wine and the local specialty - Apple strudel while listening to their introduction about the place.  

After that, Stefania and Sara guided us on a tour around the farm. Maso Al Sole is a loveable place for children to expose to animals and farming activities. In addition, it functions as an Educational Farm with a variety of animals namely hens, gooses, donkeys, goats, ponies, and a turtle. Workshops for families can be organized on requests, such as the preparation of bread and biscuits, fruit and vegetable harvesting, felt processing, and garden care.

The high terrance advantage of the farm exposed under the sun is ideal for a picnic or a family lunch. The surrounding provides an excellent opportunity for sightseeing. However, if you want a relaxing holiday without walking much, Maso Al Sole will offer nice accommodation and catering service for the guests. The company also sells its own products. The farm features a restaurant with fresh food and products of their lands.

The credit goes to Ariel Palazzolo

We had a great time around the farm with the furry friends that made it so hard to say goodbye. At the end of the day, we returned to the cars in Civezzano which was around 18:30. It was a wonderful experience since we can learn more about life at local farms and their likelihoods when captivating priceless pictures. Along the journey, we can share our stories and personal experience which are even far beyond the expectation.

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