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May 18 2021

GTV wants to communicate the new activities with great enthusiasm, starting thanks to the Distance Support program in Ha Giang, a mainly mountainous province located in the extreme north of Vietnam. This area is one of the poorest in the country and within it, there are several ethnic minorities. GTV operates in this province supporting 91 children thanks to the Distance Support program which is also active in the Bac Giang province where it provides support to 15 children.

The program's main objective is to ensure continuous and quality education for boys and girls who are often forced to drop out of school or live it with difficulty for economic reasons. It is also very important for GTV to ensure that these children can live a healthy life with sufficient food and adequate sanitation and that they can attend school in safe and toilet facilities.

As already told to all supporters, the donations collected go mostly in direct support of individual children (with the supply of rice and school materials, the payment of school fees and medical examinations necessary for their health) and, for about 25%, allow indirect support actions, which benefit the entire community and the school communities where the children are inserted.

In 2020, indirect support actions have enabled the construction of toilets for the Chung Chai school, the construction of the kitchen in the Na Pan school, and the reconstruction of the Na Hu school.

This year the indirect interventions identified in the Xin Man district, Ha Giang province are:


The kindergarten is located in the village of Nam Dan where 4 children supported by the SAD program currently reside, 1 of which is already attending school and 3 will attend it in the next few years. Unfortunately, in recent months the external courtyard located in front of the institute has collapsed. GTV has already started work, which will be completed by the end of May, to secure and cement the area affected by the landslide to allow children to attend school and use the courtyard in complete safety.


Another action that GTV wants to carry out thanks to the Distance Support program is the construction of four water tanks and related filtering systems for two institutes located in the municipality of Ta Nhiu and in the village of Na Hu.
The Ta Nhiu school complex includes both an elementary school and a secondary school where 31 children supported by the SAD program are currently studying. GTV wants to bring its support to the students and the community by providing three tanks and a water filtration system to the institution which currently lacks an adequate water supply, especially during the dry season.
The primary school of Na Hu, attended by 40 pupils, was rebuilt thanks to SAD 2020 funds. Thanks to the contribution of the local government, it was also possible to build a bathroom with a water connection. To allow continuous and safe access to water, GTV is committed to the installation of a water tank and a system for filtering it, which will be completed by May 2021.


One of the critical issues in the Xin Man district is the lack of sanitation in most of the private homes. To improve the lifestyle and hygiene of children attending school and their families, GTV, in collaboration with local authorities, will undertake this year to build 23 bathrooms for as many families involved in the SAD resident program in the municipality of Coc Pai. Thanks to the fact that running water is present in all the homes involved in this action, toilets will be installed equipped with a water drainage system that allows a higher degree of hygiene than dry drainage systems. In the following years, the construction of additional toilets will continue to help other families in the area.

The developments of these interventions will be communicated on our website: GTV collaborators in Vietnam will monitor the work in progress, collect photos and update us on developments.

To know more about our Distance Support projects, visit the section of our website!

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