Voices from the Agrifam project

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Voices from the Agrifam project

Mar 05 2021

One of the main intervention points of the project “ Development of Family Agriculture in Northern Vietnam” is to support the development of family-based agricultural patterns. This was done providing proper equipment, training and farm animals to the families in order to give to them sufficient starting materials.


With this purpose, in December 2019, 30 families of 3 different municipalities have received 2 female cows each. These Sin race cattle can be raised for reproduction, this will also allow the expansion of the families’ farms over the time. Also, in order to ensure good health conditions of the cows, local veterinarians have vaccinated the animals in April 2020. Training technical courses about cows’ breeding have been offered to the families involved.

One year after the cow’s distribution we visited the An Lap municipality in order to see how the development of the local family-based activities was going. There, we met two women who have taken part to the project and we listened to their families’ experiences.

Mrs. Tran Van told us that she was really excited to receive the two cows, mostly because now she’s old and family-owning animals allow her to work in a more quiet pace. For her it is really simple to breed the cows: their food is more affordable than the one that is necessary for buffalo and for chickens, because the cows simply eat crops that grow in the surroundings and so it is quite easy to find food for them. For the future, Mrs. Tran Van hopes to expand her domestic business by successfully breeding the cows.

Mrs Phan Van was really excited about the cows’ distribution too and she would like to raise the cattle for their reproduction. Like other people, she has some doubts about the cows’ reproduction but she is trying to find the most affordable solution by according with the other families of her village that received the cattle. Those families have decided to find a solution together, with the support of a technical committee. For now, their idea is to buy an ox for all the village and share it between each other. Despite the difficult life conditions, Phan Van Ut’s family is really happy of the breeding activity they’re running and she hopes that in the future her family will have enough money to buy other cows. Her biggest hope is to own a herd 4 years from now. 

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