Development of Family Agricolture in Northern Vietnam

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Development of Family Agricolture in Northern Vietnam



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2 Years

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Rural Economy




The project will be carried out in the Northeast Vietnam, in the Son Dong district. The district of Son Dong is in the eastern part of the province of Bac Giang, it is mainly hilly and mountainous, with an area of 844 km2. The district is part of the national list of 61 districts that live in conditions of greater poverty, with a percentage of poor families above 50%. The population, about 70,000 people, belonging to 12 different ethnic groups, is almost exclusively dedicated to agriculture, conducted at the family level for self-subsistence, since there is generally no surplus to be resold.
The need faced by the project is the low-income / malnutrition combination, aiming to ensure food security to children and their families, while helping to develop integrated family farming models (agriculture, breeding and aquaculture) that can generate income through the production surplus. Innovative elements such as the conscious integration of different farming and farming techniques and cooperative work in terms of the system, an element guaranteed by the Trentino partner Federation of Cooperation, will be introduced in these family micro-farms. In this sense, the themes of the project are Technological Innovation and Future Generations.
Moreover, as nutrition is also influenced by social/cultural factors, it is considered essential to promote the acquisition of healthy eating habits through training courses on proper nutrition. Local institutions will be actively involved in the project.
In Trentino it is planned to produce and distribute an online game on Family Agriculture, in order to bring a young adult audience closer to the themes of the project.



The actions that will take place focus on the two main themes of the project, proper nutrition and the initiation of integrated family farming models.
There will be a training course on proper nutrition and a cooking course, followed by the delivery of some kits that can promote good culinary practices and food hygiene. The kit will include kitchen utensils, food storage containers, kitchen hygiene and oral hygiene products and more.
Models of integrated family farming will be based on a population inquiry, to identify beneficiaries, understand their business aptitudes and study production systems. The survey will be conducted by the Federation of Cooperatives. Technical staff (veterinarians and administrators) will also be trained and for the beneficiaries, courses will be conducted of accounting management and modern agronomist techniques. The training courses will be followed by a study tour of an integrated family farming model, which has already started. The families supported in improving their production infrastructures in order to complete them and enable them to produce all the necessary nutritional elements will be 30. The model that is intended to follow is that of the Vietnamese Vườn Ao Chùong (field, pond, stable) which combines agricultural production with zootechnic and aquaculture. The project therefore intends to provide support to participating families to develop their own farm with the support and/or introduction of:

 - horticulture with different types of vegetables;
 - other agricultural productions (rice, corn, cassava);
 - improvement of stables and other breeding infrastructure (including vaccinations);
 - excavations of ponds for fish farming or duck farming;

The project will provide small infrastructure, equipment and even animals and seeds to complete the models, in sufficient quantities to give the family a good starting capital.

 Here are all the updates:

June 5, 2018 Start of the family farming project!

 December 10, 2018 Courses for proper nutrition

 January 24, 2019 Project development

 July 16, 2019 The Trentino Federation of Cooperation in Vietnam

 October 1, 2019 30 models of family farming in northern Vietnam


Family farming is the dominant form of agriculture in the food production sector worldwide. Defined by FAO as "a family-managed and produced system to organize production in the fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, herding and aquaculture" encompasses 80% of the world's farms. Family farming is central to achieve the Sustainable Development Agenda's 2 DEFEAT THE FAME goal. 

To learn more, visit the page and discover the stories we told about the family farmers involved in the project in Vietnam, but also in Mozambique and Italy. GTV worked with CAM partners - Consortium Associations Mozambique, Ortazzo - Association and Slow Food to gather information on family farming and its direct protagonists. Dieu, Lucia and Laura are 3 real people who, thanks to the activities of GTV in Vietnam and the partners of the projects, have managed to achieve surprising results and ensure a healthy future for their families and their communities.

If our 3 family farmers are at the forefront for a sustainable development, we can do something too:
Play and find out how much you know about family farming!
According to your score, you will find out what your profile is and if you are on your way to support family farmers like Lucia, Dieu and Laura, thus contributing to the achievement of the sustainable development goal number 2, DEFEAT THE FAME!

Involved Actors

Local Partners

-Comitato Popolare di Son Dong
-Dipartimento di Agricoltura e Sviluppo Rurale di Son Dong
-Centro di Promozione Agricola di Son Dong
-Unione delle Donne del distretto di Son Dong

Trentino partners 

-Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione
-CAM – Consorzio Associazioni con il Mozambico
-Ortazzo - associazione culturale per la promozione di iniziative di sensibilizzazione sulle tematiche ambientali
-CIAI - Centro Italiano Aiuti all'Infanzia

Funding bodies:

Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Comune di Besenello

Sede di Trento

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    38122 Trento, Italia

Sede di Hanoi

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