Updates on the Covid situation in September 2020

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Updates on the Covid situation in September 2020

Sep 07 2020

In these first few days of September, the situation of infections in Vietnam seems to be under control. The count has stopped for a few days at 1049 cases, 786 cures and 35 deaths (September 7, 2020). link to updates

The virus containment rules and the ongoing quarantine system, that allow safe isolation for people most in need of treatment seem to be effective.

Conducting health checks for people staying in a concentrated quarantine facility (Photo: VNA)

Even in the city of Da Nang, where the country's second wave of infections has broken out,the situation is slowly returning to normal: restaurants, for example, can now receive online orders, sell and deliver food to customers, although they’re not authorized to serve them on site yet. Public transport will also be allowed to carry half the capacity of passengers, although measures to prevent and control from infection (such masks, gels and social distancing) will have to always be enforced.

Nonetheless, any non-essential service and events with more than 20 people continue to be suspended. The municipal authorities still invite citizens to avoid going out if not necessary, wear masks in public places or on transport, wash their hands regularly and maintain a safe distance.

In this populous city, the fight against the pandemic has been very participated, with more than 20,000 volunteers active in 9,000 monitoring teams to check the health of the population and report suspicious cases to local authorities. Also in Ho Chi Minh many volunteers have come forward for blood donations and to carry out essential care for the most vulnerable.

Mobilization and solidarity initiatives have also included economic donations for charities. An example of this is the "Saigon Children's Charity" organisation which aims to facilitate children's access to education: this organisation has raised over 10 billion VND (EUR 364,230.00) from Vietnam from abroad, which will be used to offer scholarships and food packages to children and families economically affected by the pandemic.

Distribution of some food packages to a Vietnamese family

The impact of the Covid-19 on the economic and working situation of the population is already proving to be very serious, but the long-term repercussions are difficult to predict. In an interview, Saigon Children's Charity executive director Damien Roberts said that the work of more than 30 million Vietnamese was affected by the pandemic. The most affected ones are women, manual workers, and those without a contract.

To restart the Vietnamese economy, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc called for immediate management of the reopening of trade routes between Vietnam and Japan, South Korea and other countries with high levels of safety and prevention of the epidemic, while also allowing Vietnamese people to return to work in those countries. In response to the Prime Minister, airline representatives said they were ready to undertake international flights when allowed.

The Prime minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc

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