Community cooperation gives rise to new schools

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Community cooperation gives rise to new schools

Sep 01 2020

I can say that this is a dream for the students and the locals. The school is so nice, creating the most favorable condition and convenient environment for teachers and students!

These are Mr. Kinh’s words, the president of the communal PC of Ta Nhiu, while describing the new school restructured by GTV. The school we are talking about is the one of Na Hu, in the Ha Giang province in northern Vietnam, renovated in the last months by GTV thanks to the funds of the Child Sponsorship Programme.

The school already was in poor conditions, but in April it was found to be severely damaged after a violent storm. Through the construction of a new fixture, a new roof and new flooring, the structure of the school is now complete and ready to welcome the children into the new school year starting in a few days. The sanitary facilities, that didn’t exist before GTV’s intervention, are now being built by the local authorities, completed with a toilet and a sink. GTV and the community of Ta Nhiu have, as a matter of fact, collaborated together, putting into practice a proper community cooperation: the project was designed and carried forward together with the community, the local authorities, the teachers and the parents.

Na Hu’s head of the village, Mr. Duc, and one of the school’s teachers, Mr. Tuyen, say they are enthusiastic about these improvements. During an interview realized in the past few weeks, both of them underline the importance of finally having a ventilated, welcoming and safe structure, and are grateful for GTV’s work and the Child Sponsorship Programme. As a matter of fact, we had some interviews being made to the community, to understand what they thought about the new school. The answers we got confirm the gratification towards the results we obtained.

I am so happy that Na Hu village has been supported by the project in the renovation of this school. On behalf of the villagers, I would like to say thank you so much. So happy! The students have a chance to study in this ventilated and nice school, their old school has been renewed, we are so happy and thanks for the support of the organisation for the students

-Mr. Duc, head of the village of Na Hu

The students and I, as well as the parents in the village, are very excited and happy to teach and study in this new school. It is more stable and well ventilated, having fans and electricity. Thank you and the project for helping the school to have this new and firm school

-Mr. Tuyen, teacher

According to the current situation in Vietnam, where the second wave of Covid-10 seems to be under control, the students should restart school on the 5th of September.

Na Hu’s school is attended by approximately 40 students, who live in the village and belong to the Nung ethinic minority. Ta Nhiu’s area is economically very poor: the head of the village of Na Hu, in fact, explained how among 89 families, 48 live in conditions of poverty. We are talking about an isolated province, in a mountainous area in northern Vietnam that’s populated by many ethnic minorities.

Amongst the students, three of them are supported by some italian families through the Child Sponsorship Programme, that provides them with rice, school supplies, economical aid and an annual medical check-up with the goal of supporting their education path and eliminate child labour.

Amongst these students there’s Trang, a student that says she’s very happy about the new school and the school supplies she received. Also thanks to GTV’s project, Trang is keeping up with school, and she’s getting great results.

Thanks to the support of GTV organization in building this school as well as in helping students to study in a more comfortable environment.

-Thao’s father, a childs supported by the Child Sponsorship Programme.

Feeling the enthusiasm in the words of the teachers, local authorities and students themselves makes us understand how important the impact of these renovation was in the lives of all the inhabitants of Na Hu.

To finally have an adequate structure where children can grow and get an education, in such a remote and economically poor area, creates in the community a sense of trust in the future and others.

GTV hopes to keep on cooperating in this way both in Ta Nhiu and in the other areas of Ha Giang’s province where the organization operates, interacting and working directly with the local population, and guaranteeing support for the families who live in the most difficult situations.

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