Fun at school – removing inconfidence among disabled children

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Fun at school – removing inconfidence among disabled children

Oct 20 2016

For any child, schooling period is a very wonderful and happy time when they can freely play games and have joys with other friends every day. However, at Son Dong District, Bac Giang province, some children cannot enjoy that simple happiness because they were born with disabilities unluckily. Those disabilities make children feel unconfident, ashamed and prevent them from integrating into surrounding society. For some children, the discrimination and tease of friends can become an obsession in the whole life which nothing can compensate for.

Understanding those disadvantages, within the framework of Communty for all! project, GTV/CIAI has cooperated with 9 project-supported schools to organize outdoor activities for all children. Teachers have been trained and instructed to encourage disable children to participate in appropriate games so that they can have chance to get close to other classmates and know that they are indispensable part of a team.

From March to May 2016, mass of recreationals events were organized in project’s schools with the participation of hundreds of pupils. Many traditional games and food were introduced, children could join different games as they wished. Parents were welcome to provide support in preparation and participate the events with their children.
Thanh - a deaf child of Long Son primary school - took part in sack race. Although he could not hear any voice, he could see the cheering eyes, feel the love and support of audiences; he was encouraged a lot and finally with a huge efforts, he finished his race in a big clap. “I am really happy, thanked to the support of audiences, I feel like I have more power and I tried my best to jump to the finish line” – said Thanh.

Another child is Dung. He was born with unclear genitals, so that the parents and medical staff registered on his birth certificate as a girl and forced him to live a girly life. Nevertheless, the more he grew up, the more he likes to play boy games, acts naughtily like a boy and has more characteristics of a boy. Luckily, GTV and CIAI helped take him to National Hospital of Pediatrics for specialized health check. After DNA and blood analysis, the doctor asserted that Dung is a boy but he suffers from hypospadias disease. Dung is really happy with this result; his parents decided to let him choose a new name to register a new birth certificate. Despite the fact that his friends have not considered him as a boy which makes him feel complex; he still actively joined in outdoor activities and tried as hard as he can to win a prize for his team. Dung said that he was really blissful because his fellows also supported him and he was stronger and more confident in himself at the present.

Apart from this entertainment activity, earlier GTV/CIAI provided proper training on inclusive education for all teachers coming from the 9 mentioned schools which compose of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.  The teachers were very glad to be able to gain more knowledge about how to support disable children and create suitable activities for them to participate in inclusive class. The schools also promised to hold more extracurricular activities in the future to connect all the pupils together, build up beautiful friendships and remarkable memories in their teenaged time.

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