Ending of Pro.SOS project

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Ending of Pro.SOS project

Mar 09 2017

Pro.SOS project has also come to an end, after 3 years of activity. This project aimed to contribute to the reduction of multidimensional poverty and to implement sustainable development in Vietnam, specifically working on two levels: through the support of the start up of two sustainable production models of medical plants and through informing and raising awareness about environmental issues and protection of biodiversity in schools and districts.

The first activities were focused on the training of beneficiaries. There have been courses to teach farmers planting, care, harvest and processing of medicinal plants techniques, in order to give them the necessary instruments to start an efficient activity. The courses gave practical instruments to the participants and considered also study tours by successful similar models.

The next step was the delivery of plants and the start of production. Each aspiring grower contributed to the purchasing of the plants, while other instruments as nets and obscuring cloths, in order to allow plants to grow as best possible, were provided free of charge.

In parallel, activities in the schools and environmental clubs have been started. The aim of clubs was to promote environmental issues and protection of biodiversity in schools. Some classes had also the chance to visit the Khe Ro nature reserve, with the precious guide of a reserve technician, who showed them the beauty and richness of that amazing place.

The launch of plantations facilitated the start of an entrepreneurial activity, the Medical Plants Cooperative of Son Dong. Aim of the cooperative is to serve as link between producers and business buyers, playing a crucial role in the future sustainability of the activities.

Thanks to the project 116 families started the production of three different types of medical plants, 179 students have been involved in school activities, that included events, trips and organization of 10 environmental clubs - for further information you can read the English project profile.

The project has been realized in collaboration with CIAI – Centro italiano aiuti all'infanzia (Italian Center in support of childhood) and thanks to the financing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tavola Valdese.

Last but not least, we leave you with this report from the local newscast of Son Dong, during which they interviewed one of the beneficiaries living in the district of Tuan Mau. Thanks to the project and thanks to his tenacity he now owns the best model of vegetable garden of medical plants of all the district!


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