A water system was built, and not just that...

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 10:26

A water system was built, and not just that...

And now the water system of Viet Trong has been built too! We had committed with the region Trentino Alto Adige to complete the water system of this village, but we believe we have done something more with the population of the village where, not only is there now running water, but also a sense of civilization and respect of the resource from which we have much to learn.

Given the almost total absence of underground water in Viet Trong, a stream running from a forested hill located North-East of Viet Trong was chosen as source of water. The catchment was built along the stream, at an altitude of 70 m above the village; it is made in concrete and endowed wit an internal filter system made of gravel.

The pipeline was built in part with underground polyethylene pipes and partly with galvanized iron pipes placed above ground given the shape of the terrain.
The water system consists of a central tank that filters the water located in the higher part of the village. After being filtered here, the water is conveyed to two smaller distribution tanks, located in opposite areas of the village.
The connection through the distribution tanks can provide a higher pressure compared with the direct connection to the central tank. This also due to the fact that the village of Viet Trong is located on a hilly area that has significant differences in elevation from one side of the village to the next

From the tanks the water is distributed directly to the houses through individual pipes ; each connection is equipped with a water meter to measure the family's consumption.
Once the construction was completed we considered it important to test the quality of the water and we contracted a specialized laboratory in Hanoi for the purpose.Its technicians traveled to Viet Trong to collect the samples and measured the chemical-physical and bacteriological parameters in four different areas of the water system. The results were satisfactory and showed that all the parameters analyzed were within national standards and no trace of bacteriological pollution was present; this means that the quality of the water supplied to the families is good.

Subsequently, a training course on “Conservation of water resources” was organized, targeting key figures in the community to provide the technical knowledge and communication skills to inform the population on the importance of proper water conservation and use. The course involved thirteen people, which then were given the task of organizing public meetings, home and school visits to spread information on water use.

In parallel, a Management Committee was established, which deals with the management and maintenance of the state of the system, the reading of the water meters and collection of bills for water consumption. The committee members have been trained by the manufacturer about the maintenance and repair of the system. On the occasion of the course, they were also provided with tools for the maintenance and spare parts that are stored in the house of the village chief.

The families of the village are particularly satisfied with the result. They have welcomed the workers who built the system, the technicians from Hanoi who carried out the tests and the people who participated in the training course have then visited each family in the village to pass on the information and knowledge. 

And it was the community itself, during one of several meetings, that decided to install water meters and to pay a bill according to consumption. In fact, the meters were bought directly by them! We believe that this decision is the basis towards a more rational and sustainable use of the water. We especially appreciated that individual families decided to invest independently in the purchase of the meters.
So we we left Viet Trong satisfied with the work and with the commitment to return and check the progress of the work of the Management Committee.

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