Vietnam hit by typhoons and floods

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Vietnam hit by typhoons and floods

Nov 23 2020

In recent weeks strong storms have hit Vietnam causing flooding and many victims in the central provinces of the country: Thua Thien Hue, Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Quang Binh, Ha Tinh. The phenomenon did not affect the Xin Man and Son Dong districts where GTV operates.

There have been four extreme weather phenomena in a month and nine since the beginning of the year. The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) declared that in the last month of October alone almost 107,000 hectares of crops were destroyed and about 700,000 farm animals were killed or taken away by floods. More than 260,000 houses have been flooded, over a million people have been affected by the floods and 134 people have died. Sixteen national highways and more than 160km of local roads in four provinces were also damaged, leaving millions of families isolated.

Typhoon Molave hits central Vietnam.

The latest in this long series of storms is Typhoon Molave, which hit the Vietnamese coastal provinces on Wednesday the 28th of October and which, according to some sources, would be the most powerful storm to have hit Vietnam in 20 years. The heavy rains of Molave had already caused considerable damage to the Philippine archipelago in the previous days with the flooding of fields, the destruction of entire villages, nine victims and thousands of displaced people.
According to experts, as it travelled across the ocean, the typhoon acquired a speed of 135km/h with gusts of up to 185km/h and reached its peak between the Vietnamese provinces of Da Nang and Phu Yen on Wednesday the 28th of October. The waves in coastal areas have reached a height of 5 meters.

To prepare for the arrival of the typhoon, in the previous days hundreds of flights were cancelled and around 1. 3 million people were evacuated from their homes as a precautionary measure.
Despite these preventive actions, Molave has resulted in 13 dead and 40 missing people, disastrous damage to land and crops: flooded plantations,  landslides, uprooted trees, roofs of houses and signs swept away by the wind, thousands of houses submerged and severely damaged by flooding. The strong winds also caused blackouts in nine provinces, leaving 1. 7 million families without electricity.

Thousands of houses are flooded in Binh Dinh central province..

Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung asked the Vietnamese authorities in the affected areas to implement urgent measures to minimise the losses caused by storm Molave. 250,000 troops and 2,300 military vehicles were mobilised to search and rescue missing persons and distribute food to displaced persons. 

Some soldiers help clear the streets of debris from the flood.

This serious situation aggravates the difficulties of many families already struck by Covid-19, in fact according to the IRFC it is estimated that "at least 150,000 people are at immediate risk of food shortages and hunger after thousands of hectares of crops have been destroyed".

Below we propose again the fundraising of the National Association Italy-Vietnam in support of the populations affected by the severe floods.

We repeat the call in support of the people of Central Vietnam seriously affected by the recent floods, with new bank account details for any welcome donations. The Appeal is promoted by the Association of Solidarity Italy Vietnam in Italy, the Association of Vietnamese Students in Italy and former Vietnamese Students in Italy currently living in Vietnam. We're launching a fundraising to support the people of Central Vietnam. The Vietnam Consulate in Turin and the Italy Vietnam Pole join the call.
In recent days, heavy storms have caused widespread flooding in Central Vietnam, causing severe human and material losses in the provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Quang Binh, Ha Tinh.
More than 260,000 houses have been flooded, more than one million people have been affected by the floods, 134 people have died (34 of them missing), almost 107,000 hectares of crops have been submerged; 16 national roads (including National Road 1A) have been eroded and flooded, leaving many municipalities and districts isolated. The government and all the Vietnamese people are now all out to the people of Central Vietnam, and are committed to implementing rescue and recovery measures, to ensuring the safety of people and to dealing with the dramatic consequences of the storms and floods. The contribution and sharing of all of us - the Vietnamese community abroad, businesses and friends and sympathizers of Vietnam in Italy, Cyprus and Malta - are extremely valuable in helping the population to overcome the immediate difficulties and serious effects of this flood, to restore production and rebuild life.
Taking up the call of the Embassy and the requests for information from some Italian friends, adoptive families and Vietnamese citizens, the Association of Solidarity Italy Vietnam in Italy, the Association of Vietnamese Students in Italy and former Vietnamese Students in Italy currently living in Vietnam, we launch a fundraiser to support the population of Central Vietnam. The Vietnam Consulate in Turin and the Italy Vietnam Pole join the call. WE SUPPORT CENTRAL VIETNAM WITH A DONATION. The objective of the donation is to help the population of Central Vietnam to overcome the consequences of the flooding, to repair and rebuild damaged structures such as clinics, kindergartens, orphanages, schools, etc . . . All the contributions received will be delivered directly to the structures proposed by the local authority in collaboration with former Vietnamese students who have studied in Italy and local volunteers.
All travel expenses necessary to achieve this support are borne by local Volunteers and former students themselves.

The fundraising continues until 15 November 2020 THE DONATIONS (IN EURO) MAY BE AFFECTED ON:

 - Current account managed by the Italy-Vietnam Solidarity Association in Italy.
Beneficiary's bank: Banca SELLA
IBAN: EN 53 I 03268 30540 052943366590
 The reason (written in Italian): 'Per Alluvionati Vietnam Centro'.

 Current account managed by the Association of Vietnamese Students in Italy.
Beneficiary: PHẠM HÙNG VƯƠNG
Beneficiary's bank: Vietcombank
Current account: 0011004097787
Bank branch: Sở giao dịch Vietcombank Hà Nội
The reason: "Ủng hộ trung"

Although we are aware that our contribution can only be like a grain of sand in the sea, we still wish to express to the Vietnamese population our most sincere feelings of closeness and affection for the difficulties they are facing. The list of private and public donors and recipients of the donation will be published during and after the support programme. We thank you for the support you can/will give in these difficult times.

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