Fertilisation courses for Family Agriculture

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Fertilisation courses for Family Agriculture

Oct 30 2020

With the “Support for family agriculture” project, GTV aims to contribute to the Objective of Sustainable Development 2 of the Unite Nations “Zero Hunger”, i.e. “End hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. ”
Working in close synergy with the local authorities of Son Dong District in Northern Vietnam, over the past two years various training courses on farming techniques, proper feeding and cooperative models have been completed and hundreds of seeds and animals (including fish, chickens and cattle) have been distributed to support 30 families working in family-run farming in three different villages.
The aim is to improve the nutrition of the population and allow families to generate small incomes by selling some products on the local market.

The project, which will end in the coming months, is continuing with the last planned activities. In particular, a course on soil fertilisation techniques was held in October 2020.

The aim of the training was to provide farmers with the knowledge necessary to use fertilizers effectively, improving the production capacity of cereal crops and fruit trees (such as rice, oranges and Thai longans) and, at the same time, how to use them properly without risk to their health.
The course, held by experts from the Centre for Agricultural Promotion of the Son Dong district, was divided into seven daily sessions including a theoretical and a practical part, and was attended by 245 people from the three villages of the project.

In the coming weeks we will continue to update you on this project which is coming to an end having achieved important results.

GTV is convinced of the importance of family farming as a mean of ensuring sustainability and biodiversity.  

At social level, family farming contributes to food self-sufficiency
and food sovereignty, preserving local varieties and increasing
resilience, i.e. the ability to react effectively to sudden
changes, whether climatic or socio-economic.

Family Agriculture has a lot of potential for sustainable development and biodiversity protection. Heroes of our time, family farmers, can protect biodiversity and support the Sustainable Development Agenda and in particular the Objective 2 - Defeating Hunger. And we can stand by their side.

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