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FIABA Project’s training courses continue

Jan 21 2022

FIABA - Training on Food, Hygiene and Pupils' Wellbeing keeps going. It aims at improving the conditions and the offer of the five kindergartens in Xin Man, in Northern Vietnam.

In December one of the activities of the project was carried out. Parents, teachers and school cooks were taught the basis of correct nutrition and how to fulfill kids’ diet needs. Malnutrition is a severe problem in this area, where most children do not eat the nutrients they would need to grow up.
This activity goes along with the setting of five school gardens, in the same school where the courses were held. Teachers and parents take care of them and now they are producing the first vegetables, which help to improve the nutrition of young students.

An amount of 175 people, formed both by parents and school staff, joined the 10-day training courses.
Below the photos shot during one of the latest meetings of the training courses.

FIABA Project’s activities will also take place this year. The focus will be on good hygienic habits. They are fundamental, both at home and at school, to ensure good health to adults and children.

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