The cisterns for the schools of Ta Nhiu and Na Hu

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The cisterns for the schools of Ta Nhiu and Na Hu

Jun 22 2021

GTV's indirect interventions continue as part of the Distance Support Program to support children and communities in northern Vietnam. This type of intervention includes both actions in support of the community and the construction and improvement of the school infrastructure supported by the program.

Ensuring constant access to safe water sources is one of the fundamental preconditions for community development and for improving the quality of education of children supported by the SAD program. In this context, one of the actions carried out by GTV in the Xin Man district was the construction of some cisterns for two schools with water availability problems. GTV undertook to build four cisterns with relative filtering systems to ensure greater water availability for the students of the school complex in the municipality of Ta Nhiu and the elementary school of the village of Na Hu.

Ta Nhiu 

The Ta Nhiu educational institution includes both an elementary school and a secondary school, for a total of 49 teachers and 625 students, of which 31 are supported by the SAD program. Among the students, 216 also use the school dormitory.
The whole complex uses the same source of supply as the country's kindergarten, located at a distance that makes the water provision difficult and unfriendly for the institution. In addition to this, the water tanks that the school owned before GTV intervention had insufficient capacity for the needs of the students and teachers, especially during the dry season when there was a shortage of water.
In dealing with this situation, GTV has implemented three tanks for the Ta Nhiu school complex, thus allowing greater access to water, which translates into a better hygienic-sanitary situation that is now even more necessary to counteract the spread of Covid. The cost of the project was 100,000,000 VND, equal to 3,846 euros.

Na Hu 

The elementary school in the village of Na Hu, attended by 40 pupils, 3 of whom supported by the Distance Support program, was rebuilt sponsored by SAD 2020 funds. Thanks to the contribution of the local government, it was also possible to build a bathroom near the classrooms.
To complete the interventions and allow better continuous and safe access to water, at the end of May, GTV completed the installation of a water tank and a system for its filtration in this school.

The construction of these GTV water tanks illustrating its commitment to support the development and future of communities in Northern Vietnam. In particular, improving access to water, even in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, is a fundamental element to facilitate the hygiene of spaces, school activities, and quality education for students in the region.

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