The construction of the embankment for the Nam Dan kindergarten

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The construction of the embankment for the Nam Dan kindergarten

Jun 10 2021

In the framework of the Distance Support program, the indirect interventions have been involved in the Xin Man district, Ha Giang province with the construction of the concrete embankment in front of the commune’s kindergarten.

The commune comprises 356 residents with 110 households.
Due to its geographical structure, in recent months, the region has suffered from severe landslides. The external courtyard located in front of the kindergarten has also collapsed. The landslide area becomes larger during the rainy seasons, affecting directly the play space of children as well as the school.

Accordingly, GTV has already started with the construction, which has been completed by the end of May, to secure and cement the area affected by the landslide to allow children to attend school and safely use the courtyard.

The embankment construction

IOn the 2nd of June, the embankment handover ceremony has been carried out in Nam Dan commune.

Attending this ceremony, there was the participation of the commune’s President, chairman of the People Council, Head of the village, and other local authorities.

During the event, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung - President of Nam Dan commune PC, Mr. Then Van Lam, - Head of Nam Dan village, and a teacher of Nam Dan village kindergarten - Ms. Leng Thi Nhiem have been interviewed to talk about their feelings about the construction to the life of the local.

When being asked about the situation of the region, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung - the President of Nam Dan commune PC has stated:

 “Nam Dan commune is an extremely poor region in Xin Man district. Firstly, the economic status is in major difficulties. Secondly, the geographical position of the commune is greatly fragmented. The geological structure here is mainly made of sandy soil; thus, it frequently leads to landslides.
In 2020, the situation of huge natural disasters caused landslides in many places, including in front of the yard of Nam Dan Kindergarten. With the efforts of the local authorities as well as the local residents, we have overcome the harsh situation, but since the landslide area in the Nam Dan area is very large, it is still under-recovery.”

During the interview in the embankment handover ceremony, Mr. Hung also mentioned the significance of the construction to the local people and children. He assumed that the work of GTV bears a great humanitarian meaning as the organization has acknowledged the difficulty of the commune and local authorities.

The project in facilitating safe school conditions represents GTV's effort in giving wings to students' dreams from extremely difficult areas, especially in the Nam Dan commune.

In addition, when being asked about the significance of this embankment with the local resident, Mr. Then Van Lam - the Head of Nam Dan village stated that the embankment has aided the safety of 110 households in the commune and also the children who attend the kindergarten.
Similarly, Ms. Leng Thi Nghiem - A teacher of Nam Dan village kindergarten has responded with appreciation as in the last semester, the school and the children here have received attention and support from GTV in funding the embankment building. Accordingly, both of them want to deliver their sincere appreciation to GTV and all of the donors and supporters of the construction with the expectation that, in the future, the children in the area will receive more attention from the philanthropists.

The photos from the handover ceremony of the embankment 

GTV works in support of the population of the province of Ha Giang with various projects and interventions, including the Distance Support program. Thanks to this, GTV supported 91 children in this area. Among them, 4 are living in the village of Nam Dan and there is a girl currently attending kindergarten which is the subject of the works. The construction of the embankment will allow this child and her companions, 31 students divided into 2 classes in all, to attend school safely.

The supported child who attends Nam Dan's kindergarten 

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