Kinder-garden starts in Doan Ket kindergarten, Che La commune

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Kinder-garden starts in Doan Ket kindergarten, Che La commune

Jun 01 2021

“Kinder-garden” is a project focusing on building a vegetable garden in 2 kindergartens in Xin Man district namely Doan Ket and Nam Dan.

Xin Man district was among the poor regions in Ha Giang province. As so, access to adequate healthcare and nutrition for children is limited. According to the 2019 data of the district, there are 22% of children under 5 in Xin Man are underweight and 30% are underdeveloped in height. They are provided with poor lunch which approximately 0.30 € per meal per child and mainly rice.

The creation and management of school gardens in 2 kindergardens are aimed at improving children’s nutrition and physical development. At the same time, the Kindergarten project aimed at providing a kind of life skills education for the kids as it enables them to observe, monitor, and take care of the garden.

The work in Doan Ket kindergarten in Che La commune has already been carried out with the preparation of the land for the gardening activities while meetings will be held within families and the village authority for further discussion in Nam Dan kindergarten.

Yesterday, a video has been sent to Que - our GTV Representative in Vietnam reporting the process in Doan Ket kindergarten.
Regarding the relatively large area of the schoolyard, half of it will be dedicated to gardening. Besides, a part of the whole structure, which used to be a common road, is now donated by the local citizens.

In building the garden, there is the active engagement of the village, communal authorities along parents and teachers. These enthusiastic people are working on making furrows, pouring soils, and making the list of seeds and equipment needed for the gardens.
The is no boundary between ordinary citizens and the authority. For example, the village deputy of the region is not only in charge of directs and planning but also plays as a nutrition team leader who directly participated in making soil with everyone else. All are devoted to the benefit of the children.

In the video, a special, sincere thank has been sent to GTV, Mrs. Que, and all of the donators and supporters of the project.
Regarding everyone's expectations and efforts, the vegetable garden is hoped to grow well, nurturing the future generation of the commune. 

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