Vietnam in its response to the pandemic

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Vietnam in its response to the pandemic

May 20 2021

At this time, in Vietnam, the race against Covid-19 is boosted at its best. Variants of the new virus strain, illegal migration, and large gatherings on festivals are the critical reasons for the exacerbation of the situation in the country. The prevention of Covid is disseminated to each locality, with the hope that Vietnam will return to its daily life as soon as possible. The recovering of patients is not a miracle but rather the limitless efforts of Vietnamese doctors and healthcare staff working day and night.
The report below is aimed at providing some information on Vietnam in its response to the pandemic with a focus on the region of Hanoi, Ha Giang, and Bac Giang.

By 12:47 May 18th (Vietnam time), there are 86 new cases recorded within the country.
In particular, in Bac Giang (63), Hanoi (6), Dien Bien (4), Bac Ninh (3), Hai Duong (3), Da Nang (2), K Hospital at Tan Trieu (1), Hai Phong (1), Hung Yen (1), Ha Nam (1). The number of new cases in the isolation area is 44 cases, in the blockaded area is 41 cases and no new outbreaks were detected.

Currently, there are 122,640 people who have been in close contact with and imported from epidemic areas are being monitored for health. Regarding the treatment situation, the Ministry of Health said that our country has successfully cured 2,668 cases of COVID-19. Among the patients being treated, there are 100 cases negative 1 to 3 times with SARS-CoV-2.

The number of cases is expected to continue to increase in the next few days, mainly in industrial areas that have been zoned and isolated. According to Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long, this epidemic is likely to last longer, on a larger area, have many outbreaks, and new variants of the virus will spread faster. Therefore, changes had been made in the Covid-19 testing and screening strategy.


From April 29 to now, the city has recorded 82 cases of Covid-19 in the community in 17 districts.
Currently, the medical staff of the Hanoi Center for Disease Control is among the key units on epidemic prevention and control, especially on taking samples for testing in the city.
On April 27, the Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee issued the strengthening the implementation of Covid-19 prevention and control while propagandized the 5K message: Khẩu trang (Mask) - Khử khuẩn (Disinfection) - Khoảng cách (Distance) - Không tập trung (No Gathering) - Khai báo y tế (Medical declaration).

Due to the risk of high infection after people return from holidays, the city will suspend the operation of karaoke service businesses, bars, and internet café. From May 3, relics and religious destinations will stop welcoming guests; street restaurants are closed. Furthermore, people traveling from other regions are required to make medical declarations. Students in Hanoi temporarily stop going to school and switch to online learning. Hanoi has also actively checked illegal entry. Flights to Vietnam are also suspended except rescue flights for Vietnamese oversea who wish to come back. 
In public areas such as main streets, parks, lakeside, etc., there are no longer crowded scenes, most people have strictly complied with the implementation of wearing masks. This is thanks to the implemented propaganda measures, combined with handling violations of the city.

In preparing for the incoming Election of the National Assembly and People's Council deputies at all levels, the city has established 38 blockade points, increased sampling and testing capacity to meet the requirement of testing 30,000 samples/day.
Since April 29, the city has tested more than 56,500 people. It has also sent 17 patient samples to the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology for gene sequencing. At the moment, the city carries out concentrated isolation for 1,865 people while develops a level-by-level plan to treat patients with a capacity of 300-2,000 cases and continue to expand competence when the disease spreads.

Additionally, on May 16, with 20 expertise medical staff, Hanoi set out to provide aid to Bac Giang epidemic center. The mission not only helps your locality to tackle the epidemic but also helps prevent the disease from spreading back to the capital. The delegation will take 10,000 samples to Hanoi for testing and return the results as quickly as possible so that Bac Giang can quickly trace the epidemic.

Bac Giang

Bac Giang has a sharp increase in the number of cases with 63 cases detected in the past six hours, which are F1s related to Quang Chau, Van Trung, and Dinh Tram industrial zones, which have been isolated. Overall, the province currently has 411 COVID-19 patients, 6,581 people of F1, and 30,650 F2. It is likely to become the largest outbreak in the country at the moment.

In the coming time, Bac Giang province will direct the Provincial Military Command to organize large-scale concentrated isolation areas and develop a concentrated isolation plan for 20,000 people. On May 18, the delegation of the Military Medical Academy led by Major General Hoang Van Luong, Deputy Director of the Academy, put the Covid-19 field testing laboratory system in operation at Regiment 831 supporting Bac Giang to deploy rapid testing on a large scale of subjects related to the outbreak. 

Bac Giang province has suspended the operation of industrial zones.
Social distancing has been directed in 3 districts (Luc Nam, Yen Dung, and Lang Giang). Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has ordered the Ministry of Health in Bac Giang province to apply measures to computerize, test pooled samples to keep up with the speed of tracing and sampling; implement social distancing, blockade some areas and industrial parks, but still maintain production activities of factories that are guaranteed to be safe from epidemics.

Treatment facilities are being set up in supporting Bac Giang to speed up testing.
The Ministry of Health has supported Bac Giang with 40,000 biological products for PCR testing and will support another 20,000 test products for the province, bringing the total number of biological samples to 60,000. Regarding equipment for epidemic prevention and control, the Minister of Health assigned the Financial Planning Department to immediately review and issue and immediately transfer masks and protective clothing to Bac Giang.

Since May 7, Bac Giang province has had 336 new COVID-19 cases, of which 8 are students scattered in many districts and cities. The total number of students and preschool children to be isolated is 678. Regarding the situation, for the 10th-grade entrance exam, the locality is expected to delay the exam from 7 to 10 days compared to the old schedule. The number of students related to COVID-19 will be held in the next exam to ensure the interests of all students.

In Son Dong district, various measures have been implemented to strengthen the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic in business enterprises. The Chairman of the District People's Committee has ordered local businesses to establish their own epidemic prevention and control working groups, set up a hotline and raise the awareness of workers in epidemic prevention and control, and medical declaration. There should be strict management and information control about foreign workers working inside and outside the enterprise and active coordination with authorities when needed. 

The district also urgently complete the construction of the second concentrated isolation area in Vinh An commune. To do a large amount of work in the isolation area, Son Dong district has mobilized a construction enterprise with the support of the police force, army, and local youth union to work restlessly. All rooms are equipped with double bunk beds, cooling fan system; invest in building new areas of bathrooms, toilets, sewage systems.

Ha Giang

Having a long border with China, the province directs to closely monitor 100% of people entering and leaving; maintaining 59 fixed checkpoints, 17 mobile groups with over 260 officers and soldiers of the Border Guard, and medical staff participating in patrolling trails. Ha Giang is confirmed with only 3 cases, 1 of which was recovered.

Thanks to its current status, all students in the region returned to school after the holiday. The localities try to stabilize the teaching routine and ensure the continued prevention of diseases while arranging body temperature measurement, hand sanitizing, and distancing for students before entering the class.

In addition to the socio-economic development task, Ha Giang province continues to maintain good propaganda and communication on the official email system, work administration, and online public service portal to regularly update the latest information, directives, and recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

Preparing for the election, in Meo Vac district, at each polling station, the district health center arranges temperature measurement tables and has medical staff, instructing voters to keep the necessary distance during the election.
Up to now, Meo Vac district has completed 2 rounds of vaccination against COVID-19. 929 people from the frontline against the pandemic have been vaccinated.

In Yen Minh district, the Chairman of the District People's Committee emphasized that in the coming time, the epidemic prevention and control must carry out three dual contents: economic development, epidemic prevention, and election. The total number of people in isolation in the district is 2,151, 227 are under quarantine, 10,484 have made medical declarations, and 1,221 were vaccinated.

Overall, with the direction of the state, the dedication of medical staff, and the compliance of individuals, the epidemic situation in Vietnam is expected to be gain better status in the near future. However, as the number of cases might raise, isolation centers, healthcare services, and personnel can be overloaded. 

As of May 18, the whole country tested real-time RT-PCR 3,324,043 samples. In which, from April 29 to now, 548,538 samples have been taken, equivalent to 871,594 turns of people. The total number of people who received both phase 1 and 2 vaccinations to 1,011,395 doses for priority people. The number of people who have received two injections is 28,852.

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