The story: Khai and the special professor

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The story: Khai and the special professor

Aug 07 2017

Every minute in the world 141 children come into the world, with about 200,000 childbirth per day. World population has already reach 7.460 bilion people, every one different and unique, with his own history. Only one thing is sure when we born: no one can decide where and how. Life is a lottery, and being born in a country or in another is only a metter of luck.

Khai is a 9 year old boy born in a small village in the North East of Vietnam. His parents belong to the Kinh enthnic group, and with Khai and his two little sisters they live together farming a tiny plot of land. He is a very good son: he helps is parents and evert day he happily goes to school; but Khai isn't a child like the others and his life has started with a big complication: he is deaf.

When he was two, his parents bring him in Hanoi for a check up and doctors confirmed that his earing capacity was only at 2%. His poor familiy could not pay for a therapy.

His effort in school is admirable: his notebooks are very organized and colorful and he copy every word that his teachers write on the blackboard but he doesen't really understand what they explain. In the years spent in school he never lerned how to read or understood numbers and calculation.

The tourning point arrived in Dicember 2015, when professor Le Van Tac visited Khai's class. Professo Tuc is an expert in teaching children with disability, and thanks to GTV and CIAI's project "Community for all" he had a tour of the school in the Son Dong district. Khai had the opportunity to have a private lessons with the professor: after a few minutes spent in knowing each other the professor started to teach Khai what does nubers mean and how to calculate. With only some rocks and some leaves, patience and the right thecnique in just an afternoon he tought Khai things that he never understood in years.

Some teachers and Khai's parents were present and his mother cried seeing him learning and having fun like the other children. At the end of the lesson, Khai embraced professor Tac. A few month later professor Tac suggested Khai's family to register him in a school for vulnerable children, in Thai Nguyen province.

Today we are happy to tell you that Khai has been admitted and the school will pay for his accomodation and the school taxes. His parent will have to pay a fee og 850,000 VND (around 35€) per month for his meals. That's why GTV has registered Khai in the sponshorship program. Thanks to the program an italian family will help Khai's familiy covering the expenses for his studies. Since last september Khai is attending classes and now he can use sign language to communicate and we hope a day he will have a hearing aid.

In the world there are 7,460 bilion stories, every one different, every one important. The story of this child, in a remote village in the North East of Vietnam, is very inspirational for us: you don't need a miracle to better your life, only some little action can change it, no metter how it started.

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