The pursuit of happyness

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The pursuit of happyness

Aug 07 2017

Being born to the love and care of parents and family is the first kind of happiness which any babies deserve to have. Sadly it was not the case for Lanh Thi Thu Hien on her first day breathing in the air through her lungs. That was the day her mother gave up on Hien and she was sent to an orphanage right after birth. Abandoned by her own mother, will Hien ever find that first happiness again?

There was this newly-married couple starting to build their home with high hope for a new life together. The first kind of happiness they hope for their little home is to have a child. However, within years of trying, they still have not received any good news. They soon had to accept the truth but never gave up on their hope of happiness as life went on.

Faith has brought the two together very unintentionally and at that time Hien was just about 2 month-old. Knowing about her situation, the emotional connection quickly developed between them so the couple decided to adopt her. Everybody was so happy for them as their hope had finally been fulfilled. Regarding Hien, she found her first happiness in the love and care of hhien2er new parents whom has become her beloved family from then on.

Thought it was a happy ending story for Hien, however, at the age of 2, Hien’s happiness was once again challenged. Her parents realized something strange about their daughter’s health so they took her to see the doctor. They soon received dreadful news that Hien was suffering from cerebral palsy which would affect her mobility and general health. Many relatives and neighbors even advised them to send her back to the orphanage because given their economic situation, it would be difficult for them to provide for her. However, no words could defeat the loving attach between Hien and her parents. The couple tried their best to find a treatment for their daughter whilst having to bear with the fact that she might not be able to walk on her own for the rest of her life.

Within the project site of GTV’s ‘Disability Project’, Hien has been enlisted to the physical rehabilitation activity held in the area. The little girl showed up on the first day with her mother and was slightly shy to take part in any activities. She was given a wheeled walker to try and after receiving guidance from the doctors as well as encouragement from her mother, Hien officially made the very first few walking steps on her own. It was tough for the little girl to adapt with the new equipment. Sometimes when she was tired, she would turn back searching for her mother and calling out “Mommy!” with her small voice then continued walking slowly, step by step. They were only small steps but such a huge milestone for Hien.

con mammaHien could not wait to try on the wheeled walker and continue marking her footsteps on the ground. Within the next few days she was able to walk in a straight line and even make a turn all by herself. A special characteristic about Hien which made her stand out was the constant beautiful smile on her face. No matter how tired she felt, her eyes would always shine brightly and she kept going as if nothing could stop that brave-hearted girl from pursuing her own happiness. And of course, no happiness of a mother could compare to seeing her daughter’s smile and joy. It was hard for Hien’s mother to hide the pride and happiness conveyed behind her eyes every time she looked at her daughter.

There is nothing perfect in this world, so is Happiness. For some people, the situation of Hien and her family is such an unfortunate and unhappy. However, if it were not because of Happiness, where would all those smiles, those shining eyes and pride come from? GTV always makes its best effort to support and motivate people like Hien in order for them to live independently and nurture their hope and faith in life. With medical equipments provided by the project, Hien has now been able to gain her confidence and walk on her own feet just like her fellow friends. Hien’s shinning smiles have proved to us how simple the definition of Happiness could be and that never giving up would eventually lead us to our own Happiness.


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