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What we do

What we do

Community-oriented cooperation

GTV sees community-oriented cooperation as a way to enter a territory, and travel along its paths side by side with the local community in order to get to know each other and to deal with the problems related with poverty. This strategy develops an integrated approach, which includes projects in the field of education, nutrition, environment, water and sanitation and rural development, which are connected to each other to gain more strength. The projects follow each others over the course of the years because the path towards a change in the living conditions is long. They focus on one territory only -in Son Dong district, in North-Eastern Vietnam - because only a continuous presence allows us to build a strong and reliable partnership with by the community.

However, community-oriented cooperation means more than this. It is also the meeting of two communities that expands past a mere technical intervention and allows the creation of human relationships based on the exchange of experiences and mutual enrichment.

Pelase visit our active projects page in order to see the details of our work or the Archive page in order to see what we have done in the past.


Global citizenship

GTV allows its members to be active global citizens and to join the communities in faraway villages to define together with the population their needs and possible solutions. We are part of a global movement that produces small changes, which are nevertheless important for the communities we meet. This globalization works on small numbers , but all actors are actively involved in its fulfillment.

In Trentino, GTV draws inspiration from the experiences of its members to tell the context and the life of the people who live in the communities where it operates. The purpose is to stimulate the reflection on the meaning of important issues faced in the projects that may have consequences or similarities in our territory. Access to water, biodiversity protection, tourism are just some of the themes from which GTV starts to organize stimulating cultural activities and debates or recreational and creative activities that involve adults and children.