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Experience Vietnam

Experience Vietnam

GTV offers the opportunity to visit the places where it works. With a short 2 day tour, you will be able to see the Son Dong district in Bac Giang, having thus the chance to discover Vietnam outside the mass tourism.

GTV wants to open a window on rural Vietnam, far from crowded beaches and rich of unique landscapes, catching the opportunity to show with transparency the places where most of the projects of recent years have taken place. A "social" tourism, therefore, to discover and live the true Vietnam, not simply spectators of a built tourism reality.

If interested, do not hesitate to contact us for a detailed day program; here is a brief excursus of the proposed itinerary:

Duration: 2 days

Number of participants: from 1 to 4 people

Departure from Hanoi to Son Dong, with a break to visit the Vinh Nghiem Pagoda.
We will continue for An Lac, where you can enjoy a typical lunch in a homestay. From there we leave to see a dyke in Khe Vang, followed by a visit to a school where GTV has been involved in a hygiene and healthcare project.
The following day begins with trekking in Khe Ro forest. Next, you can visit the child supported if you are part of the Sponsorship Programm. After lunch at An Chau, another town of the district, there is the visit to Rita Plantation, part of our Pro.Sos project, and finally we get back to Hanoi.

* The proposal can undergo variations and we are understanding with the needs of the single traveler. Contact us to find out more and get more details of the experience.

2 persons – 144 € / person
4 persons –   98 € / person

What is included:
Rent a car for 2 days
Guide and cultural mediator

The tour is accessible to everyone, in particular we recommend this experience to those who want to enjoy a "backpack" holiday away from tourist stereotypes, to those who want to visit a different Vietnam, and especially those who have supported GTV projects and are part of the Sponsorship Program.

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