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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

What is guaranteed to the child?

  • Full meals every day;
  • a periodic medical check-ups;
  • the payment of school fees and the provision of the necessary material for the school (pens, notebooks and books);
  • new clothes and new shoes;
  • accessories for personal hygiene.

What do we ask to the donors?

Supporters are asked for a financial commitment of € 240,00 per annum, payable monthly, quarterly, on semiannual or annual basis. In the case of accession to the SAD + is required an additional sum of € 60,00 per year.

Supporters are also encouraged to engage themself in relationships with supported children by correspondence.

What do donors receive?

Donors receive at the beginning of SAD detailed information on the program and a dossier with information from the child and her/his photo. Then, once or twice a year donors receive a letter and if possible a picture of the child.

Who takes care of them?

The children are looked after by their families, by their parents or in their absence by other relatives or guardians.
The relationships with the families and the children are kept on the site assiduously by the Union of Women. GTV manages relations with the Women's Union and during visits to the District meets the children and families.
Through the program SAD + and the work of the club GTV is most closely in contact with the participants in the program, this allows us to have a clearer understanding of the specific needs of each and an improved capacity to intervene in case of need.

How do we use your contribution?

90% of the contribution goes directly to the families, being used to buy provisions and specified by the program (see what is guaranteed to the child).
 10% of the contribution from GTV is used for operating expenses.

Can we activate a group sponsorship?

Yes, you can activate a group sponsorhip. Some of our supporters have already chosen this mode.

Can we choose the children to support?

No, you cannot choose a child. You can have the opportunity to express a preference for gender (male or female), but we can not allow families to choose between multiple children. It is the Women's Union to select families on the basis of need, and generally identifies the child support when there is already a supporter, to avoid generating expectancy in children and their families and ensure a rapid activation of the program SAD once they are involved.

Can we write to the supported children?

Yes, it is one of the aspects GTV cares more about. GTV would like to create a link between two very distant geographic locations (Italy and Vietnam), so in addition to the financial support we strongly encourage a correspondence. All those who support a child are always welcome to write, send photos, create a relationship, about which Vietnamese children are always very excited and curious.