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Tay Yen Tu Forest preservation

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Biodiversity protection and poverty reduction in Tay Yen Tu Natural Riserve, Vietnam




12 mesi


€ 18.700,00


Ensure environmental sustainability
Tay Yen Tu Forest preservation



  • GTV (Gruppo Trentino di Volontariato – Volounteer Group Trentino)

Local Partners:

  • Management Board of the Natural Reserve of Tay Yen Tu
  • Expert biologists, Hanoi

Project partners:

  • Natural Science Museum of Trento


The Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve, located in Bac Giang province, is an important site for biodiversity protection in the North-eastern Vietnam. The reserve is home to a large proportion of animal and plant species present in Vietnam, several of them are considered threatened at national (Vietnam "Red Data Book") or global (IUCN) level. The reserve is located almost entirely in the district of Dong Son, which is the poorest area of Bac Giang province and one of the poorest districts of the whole Vietnam. Poverty pushes the inhabitants of the surrounding areas of the forest to go there to collect forest resources that can enable or facilitate their livelihoods. Over the years, this phenomenon has led to a general decrease in the quantity of resources, flora and fauna in the forest, as well as being a problem for the environment and biodiversity, represents a threat to the same families living because of these resources weakens their natural capital.


The project points to capture this phenomenon through a series of activities addressed to local population. The strategy of the project consists of two components: awareness and demand for alternative economic activities.

Awareness activity can limit, make more suistainable, if not even to eliminate, this practice. However, awareness alone may not be sufficient if, on the other hand, it does not work alongside the offer of alternative income opportunities, since the collection of products by the poor population is dictated by a situation of need.

The selection of alternative sources of income, developed in own homes can thus contribute to reducing withdrawal of natural resources of the forest. In addition, some of these activities will consist in the creation of models of nurseries of some products, especially medicinal plants, which are currently collected in the forest. In this way, it will facilitate the collection and will help in the long run, the restoration of the quantities in nature.


  • Publishing articles on the Website and on social networks (Facebook), which on one hand provide information on microaction in progress, and on the other aims to stimulate opportunities for exchange, sharing and debate on the issues of environmental sustainability, well-being of population and intercultural approaches on environmental themes;

  • Publication in the journal of the Association, GTV News, of information concerning the project and feedback from Vietnam might have been received at the time of the pubblication of the magazine;

  • A lecture by an expert on environment and biodiversity, in collaboration with the Science Museum, relating to the case study of the management of the natural reserve of Tay Yen Tu (Vietnam), with deepening on the status of forest biodiversity and socio-economic aspects that influence it.


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