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Simples dreams become true: vietnamese children ride a bike to go to school.

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Promote the school attendance for 99 vietnamese kids, donating them a bicycle.




4 month




Achieve universal primary education
Simples dreams become true: vietnamese children ride a bike to go to school.


Local Partners:

Women Union of Son Dong district


The project will be implemented in the Son Dong district, in the North – East of Vietnam.

With a surface of 844 km2, the Son Dong district is located in the eastern part of the Bac Giang province; here we find a hilly and mountainous landscape. This district is part of the 61 poorest districts in Vietnam, with more than 50% of the families that lives in extreme poverty. The population, 70.000 people from 12 different ethnic groups, live by subsistence farming, conducted with the help of every member of the family and without generating any surplus.

 In the district there are two towns, 21 communes and 178 villages, spread on the territory, often very far one from other. Schools an average 4/5 km from houses, and with no public transportation, children havo to walk to school. Every they they wolk for 40/50 minutes, and left early to get to school in time at 7 am.

 It is easy to understand that in this district childrens doesn't attend regularly lessons, and expecially those who live far from the schools, miss multiple day of schools.


The aim of the project is to promote the school attendance by reducing the time spent on the way to scool. The project will buy 99 bicycle and donate them to the kids of 7 communes in Son Dong district, to help them to get to school in a shorter time and attend attend school more regularly. Ride a bike will help them to go home faster and have more time to do their homework, help family and obviously relax.

GTV and the Women Union already know the children that will benefit from the project: they are involved in our sponsorhip program that support the more vulnerable children of the district.

We won't only give children a bike, we will involve them in a special day, where they will understand how that bicicle would be important for them and for their families, and of cours they will play together with our vietnamese staff.

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