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Development of family farming in North Vietnam

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Our aim is to ensure food security and develop integrated family farming patterns that can generate income.

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Rural Development


2 years




Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger


Local partners

-People’s commettee of Son Dong
-Department of Agricolture and Rural Development of Son Dong
-Center for Agricolture promotion of Son Dong
-Women Union of Son Dong district

Trentino partners

-Trentino Federation of Cooperation
-CAM - Consortium Associations with Mozambique
-Ortazzo - cultural association for the promotion of awareness raising initiatives on environmental issues
-CIAI – Italian Children's Aid Center


The project will be implemented in northeastern Vietnam, in the district of Son Dong. The Sơn Động District is located in the easternmost part of the province of Bắc Giang, it is predominantly hilly and mountainous, with an area of ​​844 km2. The district is part of the national list of 61 districts in poorer conditions, with a percentage of poor households over 50%. The population, about 70,000 people belonging to 12 different ethnic groups, is employed almost exclusively in agriculture, conducted on a family-run basis for self-subsistence, since there is generally no surplus to be resold.
The need that the project faces is represented by the binomial low income-malnutrition, aiming to ensure the safety of children and their families while contributing to the development of integrated family farming patterns (agriculture + breeding + aquaculture) that can generate income with the surplus of production. In these micro family-run farms will be introduced innovative elements such as the conscious integration of the various agricultural and breeding techniques and cooperative work in system optics, element guaranteed by the Trentino partner Federation of Cooperation. In this sense, the themes of the project are Technological Innovation and Future Generations.
Moreover, since nutrition is also influenced by social / cultural factors, it is considered crucial to encourage healthy eating habits through training courses on proper nutrition. Local institutions will be actively involved in the project.
In Trentino it is expected to produce and distribute an online game on Family Farming to bring a young adult audience to the theme of the project.


The actions that are going to be carried out mainly concern the training on the two main themes of the project, proper nutrition and the launch of integrated family farming models.
A training course on proper nutrition and a cooking course will be carried out, followed by the delivery of some kits that can promote good culinary practices and food hygiene. The kit will include kitchen utensils, food storage containers, kitchen hygiene products, and oral hygiene.
Integrated family farming models will be launched on the basis of a survey conducted among the population to identify beneficiaries, to understand their business attitudes and to study production systems. The survey will be conducted by the Federation of Cooperatives. Technical staff (veterinarians and administrators) will also be trained and beneficiaries will follow accounting and modern agronomic techniques courses. Training courses will be followed by a study tour of an integrated family farming model that has already begun.
There will be 30 families supported in improving their production infrastructure in order to complete them and enable them to produce all the nutritional elements they need. The model you want to follow is the Vietnamese Vườn Ao Chùong model (= field, pond, cattleshed) combining agricultural production with zootechnics and aquaculture. The project therefore aims to support the participating families to develop their own farm with the support and / or introduction of:
- horticulture with different types of vegetables;
- other agricultural products (rice, maize, cassava);
- improvement of cattleshed and other breeding facilities (including vaccinations);
- digging of ponds for fish farming or stock farming;
The project will provide small infrastructures, equipment, and even animals and seeds to complete the models, in sufficient quantities to give the family a good starting capital.


The activities propose on the Trentino territory to raise awareness on the issues addressed by the project are numerous:
- production and distribution of online games on the subject of family farming
- organization of collateral events to launch the game and to allow people to play through one or more computers made available during the event: such events will be organized by offering dinners and / or labs organized in conjunction with the Trento Conduct of Slow Food.
- organization of an ad hoc school course aimed at increasing the geography knowledge of the developing countries concerned (Vietnam and Mozambique) and the knoledge related to the family farming theme (eg the concept of sustainability or biodiversity) but also aimed to activate the skills of global citizenship by giving students the opportunity to grasp the interdependencies between local and global by activating awareness and change in behaviors.


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