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VideoMessages travel on the bridge between Vietnam and Italy

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Global citizenship


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The project enriches the already active sponsorhip program by GTV. The Vietnamese children GTV is sponsoring are usually in difficult situations or orphans, and their families find themselves not able to properly take care of them. For this reason it is important the sponsorship of an “adoptive” family who, at a distance, gives them a contribution to their growth. With an annual economic commitment, each Italian family is paired with a child identified by GTV. Thanks to the donations of the sponsor family, GTV can guarantee the child in need the minimum services necessary to ensure his or her development and social inclusion.
In this way the Italian family becomes an important support not only for the child, but for the whole family. The sponsorship usually ends when the child concludes his studies, finds a job and is able to maintain herself or himself.

At the moment,  there are 103 Italian families who are part of the sponsorhip program of GTV. The Vietnamese children write to their families once a year. The letters that arrive though are short and not so significant. Thus, the sponsors are not encouraged to answer. Only 25% of the Italian sponsors writes to their child and in this way the relationship between the two parts is weak.

It is on this point, the relatioship, that the project “VideoMessages travel on the bridge between Vietnam and Italy” wants to focus.


The project runs on a double track: on one hand, we want to reinvigorate the relationships between Italian families and Vietnamese children who are already known each other through the sponsorship program; on the other hand, we want to strengthen the vision of global citizen in young Trentino and Vietnamese people who will actively participate in the project.

In particular, we intend to produce and distribute video messages from Vietnamese children to their supportive families in Italy. The video messages will be shot and mounted by young people from Trentino who will travel to Vietnam, will meet Vietnamese peers, and together they will organize entertainment activities to nurture children's creativity and finally record video messages. By doing so, young people will strengthen their value-based dimension linked to global citizenship and, once they return, they will disseminate that awareness to their peers and to the whole citizenry. The partners of the project are: CSDS, Municipality of Besenello, InCo and NPN-CSV.


The impact activities on the territory include the printing of a photographs book that, enriched with the testimonies of the young people from Besenello, will include the photographic material collected during their trip to Vietnam. The photographic book will in fact aim to tell the experience of the young travelers and the context of rural Vietnam and will be printed in 1,000 copies. In addition to being handed over to Trentino sponsor families, the book will be distributed during the public moments GTV takes part to, for example during the Christmas Solidarity Market, where GTV meets dozens of people interested in Vietnamese handycraft. Part of the copies will also be distributed to the partners of the project, including Besenello Municipality and InCo Association, which will further distribute it on the territory. Finally, you will be able to pick up a copy and get to know the project more closely during the divulgation evening that will be organized at Besenello at the end of the project. The restitution activity will include a Vietnamese dinner prepared by the young people who have taken part in the trip, supervised by a GTV volunteer. The dinner will have account moments of the travel and the experience in Vietnam and copies of the book will be distributed. The evening, to which both sponsor families and citizenry will be invited, will be organized at the municipality of Besenello. The used material will also be published on GTV,  InCo and Besenello Youth Associations websites and through the social channels of the organizations.


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