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Hygiene in school: a first step toward a better health

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Sanitation infrastructures and awareness-raising about hygiene as a prerequisite for good health and a healthy lifestyle


Water and Sanitation


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malaria and other diseases
Ensure environmental sustainability
Hygiene in school: a first step toward a better health


Partner locali:

  • Department of Education;

  • Education's Department of Son Dong.


The area of the district of Son Dong, located in the North East of Vietnam is characterized by a low level of knowledge on the subject of basic hygiene practices that can range from not applying good hygiene behaviors to not having a toilet inside the house. Some public buildings are not equipped with adequate sanitation infrastructure.

Poor sanitation contributes to the onset of various diseases such as diarrhea, dermatitis, food poisoning, infection by intestinal parasites, infections, typhoid and cholera.

In a survey conducted by the Ministry of Health and UNICEF, the lack of latrines complying with national minimum standards and the lack of awareness about the usefulness of washing hands have emerged as major causes of these diseases

In the District of Dong Son in particular, only 11% of schools have latrines that meet national standards, 20% of schools do not have access to water, while 52% of schools do not provide drinking water to its students. A research carried out by GTV showed that only 11% of students are in the habit of washing their hands after using the toilet.


The project "Hygiene in school: a first step toward better health" began as a continuation of the project "Hygiene in school" launched by GTV in 2013 which included the construction of toilets and washing areas in four elementary schools in Thanh Son, Van Son and An Lap communes. After the construction was completed, a number of activities were organized in order to raise the awareness of the students, conducted by teachers and supported by a group of young volunteers from Hanoi.

With the project "Hygiene in school: a first step toward better health" the same strategy of providing primary schools with toilets, hand-washing areas and information on the importance of hygiene practices will applied. The intervention will be carried out in two primary schools in the commune of An Lap, more precisely in the branches of Man and Hiep villages.

The activities proposed will lead to the inclusion of hygiene practices within the school routine, so that gradually the students can begin to perceive them as normal and become automatic. Specific actions will be undertaken that will lead to changing the children's perception of the toilet as a dirty place in order to encourage their use.

The campaigns will be based on a playful approach, which combines knowledge transmission and games. The results of the project and of the campaigns will be handed over to the families through a special day - the Day of Hygiene - during which the students will guide their parents to visit the toilet and transmit the messages learned during the awareness activities.

The project also includes specific activities that set the sustainability and preservation of what was created, on an infrastructural and promotion levels, through agreements for the maintenance of the infrastructure and of the outreach activities organized by the project.

6 November 2015 - Built new bathrooms for two primary schools in remote villages in the North East of Vietnam

1 February 2016 - Two other schools with new bathroom


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