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At Mui - The year of the goat

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Generation of income through goat rearing in the district of Son Dong, Vietnam


Rural Development


12 months




Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
At Mui - The year of the goat


Local partners:
- People's Committee of Son Dong district
- Agenzia di Promozione Agricola – APA del distretto di Son Dong


The district of Son Dong is located in the North East of Vietnam and is one of the poorest districts of the country.

Being a rural area, the economy of Son Dong is mainly based on agriculture, livestock and gathering products from the adjacent forest of Khe Ro. These activities, in addition of providing food for the population, are also the only source of income.

In this context, agricultural production is facing many difficulties such as lack of technical knowledge of the farmers, lack of equipment and the distance from markets - the main points of sale and supply.

These limitations have a direct impact on people’s initiative. They don’t have many models to look up for and follow as example for their own production and thus they aren’t able to evaluate different investment options in agriculture.

In this context, the People's Committee has recently launched a special program of "Introduction of breeding goats" which aims to improve the skills of farmers / breeders who will take part in it.

GTV project aims to support and complement this government program that will continue for years and will be under the direct management of the People's Committee of Son Dong. The Management Board of the District will manage and monitor the program and will also be responsible for the continuation of the program.


The specific aim of the project is to promote a pilot model of goat rearing in three selected municipalities - 15 models of small goat farms in 15 families.
The farmers and breeders who will take part in this project will receive 5 animals each and will have to ensure the animals of stables to protect them and guarantee that after one year they can reproduce; at the end of the first year each farmer will have to deliver two animals.
One of the key elements of this project is to  train the veterinarians of the  villages as goat farming is still little known in the District of Son Dong.

The breeders, beneficiaries of the project, will receive training and support from the veterinarians who will visit once a month all the families involved in the project. Breeders will also have the opportunity to visit other realities of goat farms (study-tour).

With a view to raising awareness, the farmers will have to organize, with the support of project staff, an "open farm day” where promote the program within the community.

One of the aspects that we want to develop with this project is the entrepreneurial capacity of the   farmers, so that their succeed in starting a business that generate income will allows them to overcome a situation of subsistence.


In Trentino, GTV is committed to offering a brief educational path for the students of San Michele all'Adige. The course will be structured so as to alternate moments of formal presentation with moments of interactive gaming.
Through the project it will be able to print the material to be distributed in these and other occasions. All activities in Trentino will be managed with the support of two young girls in Civil Service.


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People's Committee of Son Dong district

If you also want to contribute to the realization of this project make a donation by using the following IBAN : IT78 N080 1334 2900 00000 307219.

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