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Community for all!

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Health and education for children with disabilities




12 months


€ 155.935,00


Achieve universal primary education
Improve maternal health
Community for all!


Local partners:

People's Committee of Dong Son | Health Center of Son Dong district | Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA) of Son Dong district | Department of Education and Training (DOET) of Son Dong district

Project partner:

CIAI - Centro Italiano di Aiuti all'Infanzia Onlus - Milan


The district of Son Dong is part of the national list of the 61 districts considered in conditions of greater poverty; it's located in the North East of Vietnam.
Here, the situation of persons with disabilities, and in particular children – the group most vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion (The State of the World's Children 2013, UNICEF), which this project is targeting - remains a critical social factor.

The school staff is not prepared to work on social inclusion. Schools, but also all public buildings and services in the community, have significant barriers (especially staircases, toilets very narrow, DC) that restrict access for people with motor disability. It should also be considered that reaching the schools in the villages implies travelling along long stretches of dirt road, which represents a big obstacle for people with motor disabilities.
But the obstacle that most all seems to encumber he guarantee of equal rights for the disabled is the limited, if any, knowledge and sensitivity of the population on social inclusion.
The disabled person is seen in a "negative" way, focusing on what the person cannot do rather than what he or she might be able to accomplish.

In general, children with disabilities cannot enjoy the same socializing experiences of their peers; parents don't know how to help their children with disabilities and because of that, in most cases, they do not receive any support.
There aren't structures that allow early detection of disabilities or developmental delays. Disability is often identified incorrectly, late or with approximate diagnosis that don't allow an accurate analysis of the problem and of possible rehabilitation paths.
This is because only a few doctors at health center level, that are widely disseminated in all the municipalities, have received training on disability.


Given the isolation of the district and the distance from the centers specialized in disability, the project applies the model of Community-Based Rehabilitation to promote social inclusion.
It is based on providing the community with the skills to understand and, whenever possible, to take steps to support the disabled person.

The project is articulated in three components:
- medical care: it plans to train the obstetrical staff of the health facilities of Son Dong to reduce the occurrence of disabilities resulting from pregnancy-related diseases or incorrect habits of the mother;
- rehabilitation: training for the personnel of municipal health centers and persons involved in the care of disabled children in three pilot municipalities, so that they can perform simple practical of physical rehabilitation in the community;
- social: inclusion of children with disabilities, through awareness and training of teachers of kindergarten, elementary and middle schools in three pilot municipalities, so that they can start activities of school inclusion.

The project aims to propose a model that the community can carry on and maintain on their own. It places a strong emphasis on training, while minimizing the need for constant investment which, in a context of poverty such as that of Dong Son, would be hardly possible.

1 July 2015 - News for Community for all!

25 March 2016 - Community for all! - where are we now with the project?


Informative material on the topics of the project will be created, in order to give visibility to the intervention and to create the opportunity for a discussion on diversity and disability. Also, public events will be organized jointly with our partners in Trentino and we'll involve other actors who works in the disability field.


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CIAI CIAI - Centro Italiano di Aiuti all'Infanzia Onlus - Milan

 GTV MarchioGTV - Gruppo Trentino di Volontariato

If you also want to contribute to the realization of this project make a donation by using the following IBAN : IT78 N080 1334 2900 00000 307219.

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