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A new irrigation system for the rice fields

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Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
A new irrigation system for the rice fields


People's Committee of Son Dong


The municipality of An Lac is located in the North East of Vietnam, in one of the poorest district of the country. Here, local families live predominantly on subsistence farming, with rice being the staple crop. . The rice fields are irrigated through a system that was heavily damaged after the typhoon Hayan struck in November 2013.

Since then, the rice fields are no longer receiving enough water (except during the rainy season), and the population has therefore lost the possibility to farm during the dry season. This situation seriously affects their already precarious food situation.


This is the reason why, in the last months, GTV has been working on the institutional level so that the local government would take care of the problem.

As a consequence, the People's Committee of the District has decided to address the issue and to intervene actively. However, the estimate cost of the reparation of the irrigation system is very high cost and the resources made available by the local government are not enough to cover it.

Therefore, GTV has taken action to search for the missing funds in Italy.


The project aims to contribute to food security in two villages in the municipality of An Lac, home to 241 families that will benefit from the increase in rice production.

In particular, it's expected to restore the irrigation system in order to ensure an efficient model of agricultural production linked to rice, the main cultivation of the area.

During the reparation of the irrigation system, a special focus will be placed on the protection of the natural landscape. The Khe Vang waterfall, from which the system will originate, is also one of the spots in An Lac with a good potential for tourism. In fact, the previous system had a high impact on the landscape, as the pipeline crossed the waterfall in its entirety, without any assessment of the damage that it caused at the landscape.

Our project aims to restore the functioning of the system, but this time without impacting the natural beauty of the waterfall. The reparation of the irrigation system will be followed by a training course for the Committee that will be responsible for managing the system.

A training course for the farmers will also be organized, in order to update their knowledge and working methods to improve the efficiency of the agricultural production.

27 April 2015 - Towards an improvement of food security in An Lac

23 November 2015 - The irrigation system of Khe Vang is restored!


Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT)

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