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Asia Urbs in Bac Ninh

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Training as pass-partout for the future. Improve the system of vocational training by investing in infrastructure and training of teachers to give students the possibility of the province of Bac Ninh to have direct access to skilled labor




36 mesi


€ 864.320,62


Achieve universal primary education
Asia Urbs in Bac Ninh



  • Gruppo Trentino di Voloontariato

Local Partners:

  • Bac Ninh province


The province of Bac Ninh, located in North Vietnam, is becoming the new industrial center of the country. The number of enterprises is constantly growing. On the other hand, a large number of people remain excluded from these new job opportunities because, due to the inadequacy of the training system and the traditional farming predominates, they are not in possession of the job skills required by the new emerging field. The situation is particularly severe in rural areas, more isolated, and for certain social groups at risk such as women and young people.


In the course of this project it was decided to restructure the vocational school in Bac Ninh, creating four new laboratories (tailoring, electronics, carpentry, mechanics) and equipping them with modern machinery. Later, nine teachers were invited to Europe to follow the professional courses realized in the provinces partners of the project. It was decided, finally, to create a network of relationships that would get in touch the local businesses with the training system, in order to coordinate programs and training of young people.


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