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Hygiene for Viet Trong

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Improvement of hygiene conditions of a village in the North East of Vietnam


Water and Sanitation


10 months




malaria and other diseases
Hygiene for Viet Trong


People's Committee of Giao Liem


The project takes place in the village of Viet Trong located in the eastern part of the municipality of Giao Liem, in the district of Son Dong, Vietnam.
The project "Hygiene for Viet Trong" was born as a continuation of the project "Good water for Viet Trong" of 2012 which provided for the repair and upgrading of a large aqueduct that guarantee access to water to all the families of the village.
After the construction of the aqueduct, built between 2013 and 2014, that brought water to most of the families of this village, GTV has considered necessary to continue working with the same beneficiaries and providing them the opportunity to have proper sanitation facilities.
The realization of the project "Good water for Viet Trong" had given GTV the opportunity to have a better understanding of the community, its needs and its situation from multiple points of view: it was observed that 90% of houses don’t have a toilet and that people are not aware of the basic rules of hygiene and sanitation behavior and of the consequences of this conduct.

In fact, the poor sanitation contributes to the onset of diseases such as diarrhea, dermatitis, food poisoning, infection by intestinal parasites, infections, typhoid and cholera.


In order to help improve the health situation of the population of Viet Trong, GTV wants to:
- Build toilets and bathroom areas (for hand washing) in 64 families;
- Offer training sessions to increase knowledge on how to manage these structures (which will be self-built).
The project also provides, to offer informative moments for the entire village to increase the skills and the sensitivity of the population on hygiene, the importance of preserving a healthy environment and about appropriate composting.


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People's Committee of Giao Liem district

If you also want to contribute to the realization of this project make a donation by using the following IBAN : IT78 N080 1334 2900 00000 307219.

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