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Integrated development in Cao Bang

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Integrated development project in the educational, hygienic, nutritional and socio-economic development for the community of H'mong Village of Dy Kho, Province of Cao Bang




24 mesi




Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Achieve universal primary education
Promote gender equality and empower women



  • Gruppo Trentino di Volontariato


The province of Cao Bang is located in the north of Vietnam and is one of the poorest in the country. In particular, people from Black H'mong ethnic group are those in the most difficult circumstances ever. They practice subsistence agriculture based on monoculture and have no access to sanitation and basic health care. This causes diseases and malnutrition (according to estimates by the Vietnamese authorities at least 70% of children are malnourished).


The integrated development project has acted in several areas simultaneously. First of all, four groups were formed within which the participants have carried out a process of reflection on the problems of their community. As a result, the elementary school was built in the village of Kho Dy, equipping it with the necessary equipment (desks, chairs, blackboards, etc. ...). In addition, teachers have been trained, especially with regard to the teaching of the Vietnamese language (which is not spoken by the H'mong minority). The school building also served as a social center for the village. Another component of the project included the construction of toilets and the formation of the inhabitants about the importance of hygiene. It was finally set up a community-based micro-credit finalized at training the beneficiaries on methodology of credit and breeding and then at funding farming acrivities.


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