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Khe ro footprint of responsible tourism

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Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Ensure environmental sustainability
Khe ro footprint of responsible tourism



  • Gruppo Trentino di Volontariato


The District of Son Dong is an area where GTV has already had several experiences of cooperation. Near the town of An Lac is the virgin forest of Khe Ro, one of the few left in the world. Around it there are four villages that have been chosen to implement this project. They are Bien, Nao, Doi Moi and Dong Bay


The Eco tourism project in An Lac aims to promote a network of tourist accommodation eco-responsible and sustainable. The approach is integrative because it also provides a number of programs aimed at improving the sanitary conditions of the families of the place, as well as creating  additional work activities, implement and improve agriculture as a source of income. The primary objective is to reduce the level of poverty of the population through the work in responsible tourism alongside 100 families residing in the selected villages.
The project is developed in a number of areas:

  • Awareness, information and improvement of the sanitary conditions of the beneficiary communities.
  • Production and marketing of candles and incense through a special vocational training center and production of local handicrafts.

  • Realization of structures (homestay) tourist accommodation base.

  • Organization of moments of animation and entertainment.
  • Promotion of the virgin forest of Khe Ro.

  • Organization of tour guiding.

  • Promotion and marketing of the tourist product.


It was produced the short film “Honey Honey” with the images captured by director Silvia Sartori who during the summer of 2011 was accompanied at the forest of Khe Ro.
Honey Honey has participated in the Festival "All in the same plate" of Trent in November 2011. It was also projected in other events or during training sessions.

During the month of October 2011 has been published by Franco Angeli Publisher's book "Responsible tourisms - Theory Practice Perspectives" which presents some case studies including the Ecotourism project in the Forest of Khe Ro. The publication was edited by Paolo Grigolli and the specific article on the project was instead written by Onorio Clauser, Francesca Anzi and Luca Penasa.

The results of the project have also been publicized thanks to site that hosts a detailed description of An Lac and the forest of Khe Ro as a destination for responsible tourism.

In the year 2012 the activities have mainly rotated around the organization of the event "Kheroba! - Monopoly ecotourism"

Khe Roba! The Monoopoli ecotourism (


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