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Food security in Atauro

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Food Security


12 mesi


€ 105.731,83


Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Food security in Atauro



  • Associazione Santi Martiri Anauniensi (Assma)

Local Partners:

  • Belun

Project partners:

  • Gruppo Trentino di Volontariato


East Timor is a poor country, the economy is based almost exclusively on agriculture or fishing and the unemployment rate is close to 70%. The island of Atauro, if possible, is in an even more difficult since it is located almost 100km from the capital Dili, under conditions of complete isolation. Water scarcity combined to the inadequacy of tools and techniques used, make that the results of agriculture are scarce and insufficient. Even fishing is carried out in poor conditions, subjecting the fishermen to continuous risks. Both activities are carried out only for subsistence, only a small part of the catch is sold in the market of the principal village of the island.


The project provides an integrated approach to rural development working
in three areas: agricultural development and agro-forestry, fisheries development, access to water.
In addition to providing the necessary tools for a concrete agricultural development, action is taken
with training and awareness-raising campaigns in order to provide a
theoretical support. The training aspect is necessary to ensure that development is
sustainable and long-lasting and not a mere supply of machinery.
In all the training courses, but also in general in approaching the person, the
techniques and methodologies used are suitable for the involvement of women, in order to
accustom them to a more participatory social life than at present.

Concretely, the project includes the following:

  • Creation of a model of community vegetable gardens in areas close to the coast

  • Reclamation of forest land for agricultural purposes

  • Training and awareness on land conservation

  • The purchase of boats and fishing nets

  • Creation of a cooperative to promote the work of the group in economy of scale

  • Feasibility study for the marketing of food products

  • Open a storage center for products

  • Construction of a distribution system of drinking water and irrigation

  • Training for the maintenance of water works


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