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Health and sanitation for schools anartutu

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Water and Sanitation


24 mesi


€ 21.579,71


malaria and other diseases
Health and sanitation for schools anartutu



  • Associazione Santi Martiri Anauniensi (ASsMA)

Local Partners:

  • Belun

Project partners:

  • Gruppo Trentino di Volontariato


East Timor is a poor country, the economy is based almost
exclusively on agriculture or fishing and the unemployment rate is close to 70%. The island of Atauro, if possible, is in an even more difficult situation since it is located almost 100km from the capital Dili, under conditions of complete isolation. Among the problems that plague this area, the health and hygiene is one of the most severe, national statistics show that only 33% of the population has access to adequate sanitation. The same population shows obvious gaps on basic hygiene and ignore the causes of major diseases (malaria, cholera, diarrhea etc..).


The objective of this project is to help improve the quality of life in relation to sanitary conditions of the inhabitants of Anartutu, small village on the island of Atauro. The project, which is part of a broader intervention of ASMA (Association of the Holy Martyrs Anauniensi) on the island of Atauro, will be implemented by the local counterpart Belun, which has a presence throughout the country and includes:

  • Mapping of existing private latrines and water sources that supply the Anartutu village and neighboring villages;

  • Sensitization and training of children, including their families, enrolled in two schools regarding the issues of hygiene;

  • Start-up of 10 latrines available to schools Anartutu;

  • Formation of a committee of management of latrines.

We believe that greater awareness combined with a better water supply, can succeed in order to reduce the number of cases of diseases related to poor hygiene, especially in children, as it often happens that they are the most at risk.


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