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Women's cooperative

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Reintegration of victims of trafficking through the establishment of a cooperative craft


Rural Development


24 mesi


€ 101.400,00


Promote gender equality and empower women
Women's cooperative



  • Gruppo Trentino di Volontariato

Local Partners:

  • HRPC (Handicraft Research and Promotion Center)
  • Women's Union of the province of Hai Duong


In the provinces in the north of Vietnam, especially in the border areas with China, it is still widespread trafficking of women. In some cases these women manage to escape and return to their country of origin, where, however, they collide with the attitude of hostility of those who see them more as guilty than as victims. That's how the question of social reintegration becomes central for both women victims, and for the community.


The project aims at creating a cooperative venture of handicraft in the province of Hai Duong. The beneficiaries of the project, selected by the women and HRPC, are a group of women who are victims of trafficking, kidnapping, or at high risk of severe hardship in social or economic. Through the work within the cooperative these women have the opportunity to be reintegrated into society. At the end of the project, management will be fully devolved to the members and workers of the cooperative through a management committee specially formed. They freely decide the policies of the cooperative and are independent. Finally, the circuit of the fair market has been identified as a channel for the marketing of artifacts of the cooperative.

The project is structured in several activities:

  • Periods of vocational training aimed at beneficiaries of the project on the production techniques of handicraft items.

  • Psychological support to the group, which is also achieved through specific training on  interpersonal interaction and conflict resolution through dialogue.

  • Creating the basis for self-determination work in order to strengthen the cohesion of the group so that it will be able, in the future, to independently manage the cooperative.


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