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friday 25 march 2016

Community for all! - where are we now with the project?

Community for all! - where are we now with the project?

Community for all! it's a project, born in collaboration with CIAI, that aim to promote education and social inclusion for children afflicted with disabilities.
We're now halfway through the project and want to share the goals and the results achieved so far thanks to our major donors and those who have decide to support the project with donations or their volunteer work in Trentino and in Vietnam.

A very important aspect of the project, on which we've focused on, are the training opportunities.
From the two courses for 60 obstetricians, gynecologists and nurses from the Hospital District and Son Dong Health Centers held in June 2015, we selected the best participants to carry out 9 training courses for all the operators of the district of Son Dong.
These courses held by the new facilitators allowed us to reach 171 local operators!

formazione operatori

Two young doctors have been chosen for an internship at the Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Bac Giang, where they took part of various activities: pre and post natal counseling, visits and check-ups, childbirth management and after birth care for mothers and babies. When they came back to the Son Dong Hospital they were enthusiastic! Now, the challenge is to pass down their new skills and knowledge to their colleagues, thus improving the service offered by the Hospital.

 Dung      quyen
 Doctor Dung    Doctor Quyen

But the training wasn't just for the medical personnel!
In the last months, we've organized a course for 18 teachers of kindergarten, elementary and middle school from the three pilot municipalities.
With the collaboration of the Center for Special Education, specialized in training and education, we've worked to strengthen the teachers skills in special education, including inclusive education for disabled children.
The training course ended with the organization of several informative sessions for the communities. A workshop with various institutional actors was organized with the goal of spreading a correct understanding of inclusive education and collect suggestions for the implementation of the new techniques and methodologies.

formazione per gli insegnanti su riabilitazione   insegnante

After the course, the teachers have been able to put into practice what they've learned and with the support of Professor Tac, director of the Vietnam Institute of Education Sciences, they organized several training courses for the other teachers of the district.
During one of these courses Mr. Tac got the chance to meet Khai, a 9 year old boy, deaf since birth. Very sociable and polite, during lessons Khai couldn't actively participate because he couldn't understand what was written on the chalkboard and so what was explained. After introducing himself, Mr. Tac recovered some stones and leaves from the backyard to teach Khai basic concepts of mathematics. A simple methodology that allowed Khai to understand what the numbers mean and how they work for the first time.

bambino sordo

These courses are occasions for the medical personnel and teachers to expand their network, improve their knowledge and skills as well as make a positive impact on their communities.
We received a lot of positive feedback from the participants and the families we visited; families that helps us planning our next steps for the coming months. Working alongside with who lives disability daily is very important, for this reason support groups will start shortly in the three pilot municipalities.

This project's a challenge in one of the most complex issues GTV has faced so far.