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monday 01 february 2016

Two other schools with new bathroom

Two other schools with new bathroom

The project "Hygiene in School: a first step towards better health" was created as a continuation of GTV commitment in the field of health and hygiene for schools. The first project, launched in 2013, has completed the retrofit of 4 elementary schools by building toilets and washing areas and organizing awareness activities for the students guided by teachers .

With the project "Hygiene in School: a first step towards better health" we wanted to continue on this successful path involving other two schools.

After the construction of the first toilet and washing area in the village of Tam Hiep, the works were also completed in the village of Man! The structure was completed without problems on the 15 November 2015.

man completo


man turca 

man bagno interno

formazioneAfter the construction of the new buildings, the schools implemented the the awareness campaign and the “Hygiene Day” for students. Everything was organized by the teachers who have participated in a training on health issues and hygiene held by Mr. Khan at the end of December 2015.
The goal of these campaigns is to teach the principles of health and hygiene using games to engage all the children during the activities.

The headmistress, Mrs. Pham Thi Binh, decided to carry out the campaigns and the Hygiene Day, the 22nd of January 2016. The event involved 70 students, their parents and relatives, some local personalities, , the two vice-principal and the teaching staff.

For the first activity of the day, the students were divided into small groups and took part in a guided tour of the new bathrooms. The teachers have given instructions on how to properly use the toilet and generally practices to follow when using the bathroom.

Then children went to the House of Culture where they worked on both issues 'personal hygiene' and 'environment'. Here teachers showed to children and families how important is to maintain a clean environment and which are the best hygienic practices to follow. During the presentation, many questions were asked to the kids and the best answers receive a little reward.

bambini    domande

The last activity has given the children the chance to express their thoughts and reflections by drawing! Divided into four groups, they were challenged on the theme "Our clean school" and, after hanging the various works on stage, the representatives of each group explained their meaning.
The winning group receive a small prize!

As conclusion of the event the Day of Hygiene was held. On this occasion the children have staged short sketches, dances and songs that have been prepared in the previous months and were focused on health and hygiene among students.

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Mrs Binh was very pleased by the result of the day and, in particular, she was glad for the interest and openness showed by the teachers during the preparation and the enthusiasm of the students during the day.

A satisfaction that we share, that motivate us and push us more and more to continue our work in the district of Son Dong.