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monday 22 february 2016

A study tour to learn how to grow medicinal

A study tour to learn how to grow medicinal

The PRO.SOS project is progressing quite fast!
This project was developed in collaboration with CIAI with the aim of mitigate the farming impact on the environment. In particular, we want to create a sustainable model for the production of medicinal plants in Son Dong district in order to provide an additional source of income to the families of the district and to protect the forest and to preserve biodiversity..

Before the delivery of the seedlings, the participants have to attend a training course. This training includes a study tour with the aim to improve and integrate their knowledge on the management of medicinal plants and provide them an occasion to compare their reality with others.

At the end of January the study tour took place. We invited the 40 beneficiaries of the project from the municipalities of Tuấn Mấu and Tuấn Đạo that will start their production of medicinal plants in the next months.



Guided by Mr. Van, an expert who assist the participants during the project, the group went to Luc Nam to visit the nursery of the Bac Son's company where Mr. Van works.

The participants got the chance to see different techniques used for the cultivation, to see how the plants grow and develop over time, as well as receive many information on how to manage the nursery.

“Today we got the chance to participate to this study tour.
We've learn new informations about the benefit of the medical plants and how to manage and grown them in the best way possible
." tell us Mr Nguyễn Triệu Văn Sơn
from Tuấn Mậu

Nguyễn Triệu Văn 

Vu Chi Dien

The people of my community wants to end our situation,
wants to get out of poverty. To eliminate the disease, to preserve the forest
and to protect the medicinal plants, that's why we decided to participate.”
says Mr Vũ Chí Diện from Tuấn Đạo.  

Another study tour organized for people of other 2 municipalities, An lap and Bong Am took place in the last couple of months; the last tour, planned for the remaining participants of the municipality of Tuấn Đạo, will take place in the coming weeks.