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friday 06 november 2015

Built new bathrooms for two primary schools in remote villages in the North East of Vietnam

Built new bathrooms for two primary schools in remote villages in the North East of Vietnam

The project Hygiene in school: a first step toward a better health was established as a continuation of GTV's commitment in the field of health and hygiene in schools. In 2013 the first project that was launched completed the construction of safe toilets and hand-washing stations in 4 elementary schools , and the organization of awareness-raising activities for the students guided by the teachers and with the support of a group of young volunteers from Hanoi.

With the project Hygiene in school: a first step toward a better health we want to continue on this path that has proved successful. On the one hand, the commitment of the local government to allocate the missing funds and, on the other hand, the enthusiasm of young people in Hanoi who worked with the students with games, animations and videos to raise their awareness about the importance of hygiene stood out as essential elements to the success of the initiative. Thus, we want to replicate this pilot project in two other decentralized schools.

This project, funded by the Municipality of Trento and by private donors, has been formally launched earlier this year with the completion of the registration process necessary for the involvement of the local government. And today we can finally say that the intervention was carried out in two primary schools in the commune of An Lap, more precisely in the branches of Tam Hiep and Man villages.

In the village of Tam Hiep the construction of the toilet and washing area began in mid-August and ended in late September. The school director has preferred to delay the start of work to first finalize an agreement with the People's Committee of Son Dong, the local government, on their contribution for the realization of the project.

Despite the initial delay, the work was completed quickly and has not encountered any problem.

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The construction in the complex of Man began on October 2 - after those of Tam Hiep had ended -, they progressed smoothly until the building was completed in mid-November.

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The proper maintenance of the toilet has been assigned to the school principal of An Lap, Mrs. Pham Thi Binh, who also manages the branch schools of Tam Hiep and Man.

Awareness activities for both schools will be held in February following the conclusion of the works at the complex of Man. The activities, carried out by some teachers of An Lap, will combine theoretical knowledge and games, so as to to favour a better involvement of the children.

At the conclusion of the project a Hygiene Day will be organized: a day during which the families will be able to visit the toilet and see the material produced by the students.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming activities!